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And yatta yadav out a by doing what whether you have what solid right now nothing absolutely nothing and then you know we get republicans talking about as well is how we're going to pay for these tax cuts i always get a kick out of that how are we gonna pay for these tax cuts now what does that mean tax cuts are not permanent on my side guess the cbo says that they have to be uh they can't cause any further debt that means you can if they are going to do that then if it's going to cause more debt than you have to pass it through the regular means through the senate not using re re reconciliation and you have to get sixty votes which are going to be difficult for republicans to get this basic with george w bush did with his tax cuts remember how they expired just ten years were done ten years and they expired now why votes you pay for tax cuts by cutting spending why is there any conversation about cutting spending because they're cowards there are unwilling to do what is necessary they're unwilling to do the heavy lifting the put the work in that needs to be done they won't do it so what we're going to gather going to get a bunch of shuffling going on we're going to move the deckchairs around tax cuts it's not a tax cut you're just moving the taxes elsewhere that's all you're doing your your your point you're playing a game all but let's high the taxes somewhere where somebody can't see sears someone else is going to be hit at that point in time that's all that is ridiculous it really is and it's it's shameful this this supposed republican party that we have but as the it's pretty amazing most people are even aware of this and again let's let's imagine what our founding fathers would think about this americans on average spent more on taxes and two thousand sixteen than they did on food and clothing combined and it i'm going to say that again let that sink in with everybody the average americans spent more on taxes in two thousand sixteen than they did on food and clothing combined same data's is this coming.

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