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We've been having a lot of fun playing with a web newsletter functions. If you want to try it for yourself we'll have links in the show notes and more details at the end of the episode. We sat down with the wonderful. Sean how is the founder of the fable and fully network one of the mind behind a brilliant show album say looks to talk a little bit about marilyn starry the production process and a few other things. Say hey we got hi everyone. This is probably a new voice for you. I'm sean and i'm with fable and folly. And i have the wonderful job of interviewing beth and headley who you all should know the traders of fixed-base junk about the making of we space john. We're going to take you behind the scenes and talk about some of the tools and hopes and dreams and challenges the epa journey that has been we fix based and it has been pretty epic. Thank you for letting me do this interview. Thank you so why. Don't you take us on a little bit of a journey for everyone like take us back to the station. I know with the shows that i work on where we started with so different right what we had different ideas for different show ended up creating album. Take us back to where did this. Little germ of an idea come from. Do you remember how far long ago was that. So it's a long long long time ago like probably about fifteen years. In the fifteen years ago. I started writing some very very bad sifi which had a cyborg in it don't know with a name was kilner. The plots were very bad. There wasn't very much to. And i eventually just sort of forgot about it and then later on it union kind of have more expanded i did. That was kinda basically didn't have most of the elements still like i'm very interested in space So there was a little kind of drifting around the ideas of space and stuff and then the turning point happened which was me getting my first student loan. Bill little notification. That's like you owe this amount of money. It's this percent..

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