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What about you are you a dog owner we had yappy terriers when i was a kid the best kind and then when my son was born he grew up with a dog the same ages him which is a nightmare because you're trying to figure out a puppy in newborn of the same time isn't that dog yappy terrier no that was banjo golden lab mix ever meet banjo beautiful huge one hundred ten pound maybe when i when i you and i met banjo was in his declining years he would've been in his declining although they eventually took out a tumor the literally the size of a beach volleyball from his spleen and he lived in other three years i guess i did meet him but he he just he was like basically an ottoman by that point right he never really got up off the ground shed all over the real out of dog had so much hair but it was the same kind of thing where you know we loved banjo to death into the stay my daughter gets a little weepy when she thinks about banjo we have a little oil painting of banjo and now you have a purse doc yeah my wife has a little cav apu it's a spaniel poodle mix it's like like what if miss piggy dog was like a little more feminine thirty percent more feminine yeah and neither of them that dog is loves my wife to death banja was a great dog but he just loved to run running off so we'd constantly have to get i'd be on craigslist in marysville washington twenty miles north and somebody would have my dog and that was a real story we went up there and the guy was really hoping that banjo is his dog because his wife had made him give away dog that looked just like that and we were like no sorry.

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