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Also, I I'm not sure how I feel about these sentence that I've seen in many reviews its ceiling ipad. Okay. What if that's exactly what I want like for some people? The ipad steel being an ipad is an important factor. There's people who if the ipad were to turn into a MAC book that will be a problem. So I understand why that expression was used in many many reviews for this. Either pros. I think it's important again, keep an open mind, a try to consider the different perspective of someone saying I wanted to still be an ipad and not turning to a PC. Like, I wanted to be a screen that can attach detach from a keyboard? I wanted to have a SIEM and seller and all of these things I don't want it to have a desktop OS on it. I wanted to rally US so. I will I would have liked to see more reviews from this. I'm not saying this because I didn't have review let me say it. Then let me say then because I had a tweet it because I felt like I just had to say 'cause you want saying I don't know why apple think that the best PR strategy is to not put this device in the hands of people that admittedly used them every single day because if you do not use an ipad to get your work done every day. Of course, if you use it for four days, you are not going to find a satisfactory experience, bro. If you use a MAC to do whatever if you have like a CMS, which does not play well of like, you're not going to be happy. It's why when we make changes to oust CMS it really one of the points is it has to walk in Iowa because I need to use it, right? Like, we have like dragon drop stuff on us. Stephen. We have like the links that you see there added by his cO bookmark let I can drag and drop them in a web browser because we need that. Because otherwise, I would be very upset. Right. So like, Adam the order you want. No errors. Yeah. So so I understand. But it seems very perplexing to me that there are people that have relationships with PR and apple like Federico like Jason Snell who admittedly us every single day, but Neva Federico Jason Snell embargoed review units to write a review on day one when the reviews came out, and that is really weird to me because it puts the perception out into the world because every review except for John group as the I read read the same, and they all made that point which again, very valid point. But that's not a mix. I really enjoyed Gruber's review because he just didn't talk about. This. All right. I'm my assumption would be because he knows he knows how he feels. He knows that everybody that reads his site knows how he fails. He doesn't use Iowa for work. He like right on it. But it uses a Mackey a MAC lava, but he spoke about and I loved his angle of just like this machine is obsessively powerful like way more than it needs way more than it's going to need. But it just is because this is apple kind of proving point and showing what they can do when they make the silicon and comparing that back to the old max released really interesting, and it was refreshing because it was different because the rest of them old focused heavily all the headlines written like the old of the headlines just some variation of. Yeah. But it's still not good enough. Right. Like because I can't make Grupo chrome my default web browser like like I would love Google Chrome to my default web browser. But it's not my residing point about what using like. So the idea the I've seen some people in Tudor say well, the heaven, given this is a ridiculous argument. They haven't given I put pros to I then Tuesday ests, I always see like some shade of sorry of of irony in that word and through. But let's easiest flogger. Right. That's your problem that word is brings up bad memories. Uncloudy my head. I don't do that. I don't do that. These arguments that apple hasn't given review units to enthusiasts because those people would have bought an I throw anyway. And instead apple wanted fair criticism from people telling us, you wouldn't give Jason snow many for review either with you logistic, the these would be like if.

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