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How their loved ones died. Stay with WTO P for more on these developing stories in just minutes. It's three 18. Rich honors in the WTO traffic center. All right traveling in Virginia, 95 south found at last check still work in south route 6 30 Stafford toward the center for a Parkway single file left get you by no stoppages in the works and after 3 o'clock so that's good news. Nord found 95 looks good between Fredericksburg and about me and Springfield. No incidents in your way, express lanes available to you there as a result. Three 95 north in the main line between the beltway and the 14th street bridge you're looking good. They've been working the express lanes in the last check that did have the express lanes closed. I just ignored the edsel of road as a result of work, looks like traffic is now getting by there again where they had held traffic there for a little while while they were doing some work. George Washington Parkway, running well on both directions early between the beltway and McLean and old town, especially for folks making an early trip toward Reagan national no incidents in your way. If you're traveling to or from the eastern shore, bay bridge construction, westbound span had been blocked for overnight maintenance eastbound was carrying two way traffic will name for each direction to travel delays have been brief. Get the best of the best at Ashley, save 10% off everyday low prices, I'm beautiful Ashley furniture plus, 36 months, no interest financing, it's the best of the best at Ashley rich hunter WTO traffic. Storm team four tracking hurricane Ian down along the Florida Peninsula making its way towards the Atlantic and eventually our way for the weekend. It will bring us some rain, but not for your Thursday, a cool start, but a

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