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Didn't want her to drink. And you know what she was just trying to be a friend to her to probably telling her like girl like you're drinking too much so let me day growing with Yo stop drinking. You disrespected the road. Because every shot cause me I have like wide jaw you wind any like disrespect in the Rona. So the woman. The woman that was drinking was the woman that stabbed the right. This is this is why Barbara Colona advocate for Martial Law of folks need to be up. Anyway we need cocoa holden stations. All pretty you know. She's drinking and she stabbed and again. It goes back to what I the time. A lot of disrespect cocoa we we get complacent we lay up the house. You know we we start drinking on your demons. Come out there. But why do I have to take her class at? Throw it in the same like labor she. Y'All live in the same place. It wasn't like she was having sex in the liberal or she. Was You know messing up the place? But she did say she was helping her. So maybe she wasn't paying the bills but probably know she wasn't doing anything very annoying. This maybe to go got upset at through the glass like a glass doesn't need to be stabbed almost death for. Hey Hey listen with this. I used to drink that white liquor. I used to get angry to get angry. They and I used to get angry with ovine. And you'RE GONNA get angry with the beer and I would hear you're angry. I was I was really drunk. Tylar angry and then we'll get in a car. Can't drive almost ran into a tree. What time I got so drunk driving Bobby Cologne so paranoid that. I jumped out the car on the road and left the running nowhere for no reason for no I. I JUST. I had that drug I do. Woo Hoo are you. Can you recall what was going on your mind when you go into your paranoia phase? What.

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