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And I really love the model the the New York Times followed here for anybody who's looking for the story. The headline is our women penalized more than men in tennis data on fines says, no, so that's, that's me. I'm surprised that wasn't discussed more because I, I actually did read a lot about this, not because I care at all about tennis, but because I was interested in this idea of women and men being treated differently, especially because of so much stuff that I've been hearing about the Seattle storm. Like there was a, I think, in eastern Washington bar where every TV had football playing and it was the storm championships, and somebody who's a partner of one of the players was denied her request to put the storm on one of the TV's because football was not always frost me if you're in the city where there's because I'm a soccer fan and soccer often gets pushed to the side too. But if you're in the city where your team is playing, I don't care what sport it is that sport should be on TV, especially a championship game. I, I agree with that, but I think more agree. GIS is this idea that women's sports are just not as interesting as men's. Does that hold true in tennis though? I think women's tennis is actually better more popular than I. I think that the women's tennis matches are far more interesting to watch because you can see I, it's, you can see like for me as somebody who loves them, play tennis. I can see the perfect form on the back. Can't I can I can just, I personally get a lot more intrinsic value and actually learn a lot more watching the women's game in the strategy that goes into it. Then just these guys out there to slam the ball back and forth the I mean, I realize we're getting all sorts of gender stereotypes, but you know, I like you know, Novak Djokovic and he's great and Roger Federer's God as far as I'm concerned. But apart from that, if it's just two random professional men's players in two random professional women's players, I would always watch the women's matches because I know it's just going to be better technically, and I'm going to appreciate it as somebody who loves tennis more. That's where I am. Sorry, we're probably gonna get tons of hate mail on this because we're dealing in stereotypes here to some extent that said, you know, that's. That's my. That's your random. Okay. How else are you supposed to have these conversations when the things themselves are inherently gendered? The split. That's true. You can't really talk about men's and women's tennis without. I mean, there isn't any there isn't any mixed. Your tennis ramp mixed up. Yeah. So at any rate, if you if you go back Serena's, gotten a raw deal throughout the US open, like dating back to Jennifer Capriati. Who was she was amazing. Never that? Yes. Yes. Like like the past? Yes. Like she's been two or three milestone moments where Serena has just gotten well, since we're on women's tennis, I had the pleasure last year of seeing a Billie Jean King speak at an event down and California. She's a, she's an amazing speaker was really fantastic. Very inspiring. Was just a namedrop or did you have something more to you. You've got Jennifer copy audio. It's like if you're gonna draw Jennifer copyright, I'm gonna drop somebody a little more substantial of substantial in women's tennis history. What are what are you saying about Jennifer? Capriati was amazing. She was fantastic player. Okay. Billy trae shin here. I know I understand basically got women paid an equal amount and tennis be women's tennis today, Todd, if there would be no, Jennifer, Capriati if there wasn't Billie Jean King. Yes, yes. In fact, you are still listening to geekwire. Can we move off the? Yes. All right. It is time to end the show. Thanks for sticking with the random channel is always truly random, Monica, nNcholas, Berg, John Cook. This has been fun until next time. I'm Todd Bishop. Thanks both for joining us. Thanks for having me. Thanks Todd, poke. You can find out much more at key choir dot com by everybody..

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