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Right. Welcome back to the vitamin Ville on a hill show. We got a half hour left eight oh, eight Camby. Are you want to jump on a few things that vite in our talking about on break? We're just talking about the New York Yankees really about what they've done in their own. You know, a lustrous if history since nineteen thirteen nineteen to is when they were called the highlanders and then in nineteen thirteen they were called the New York Yankees. Of course in nineteen nineteen Babe Ruth came around vite in from there on the first American title first World Series was in nineteen Twenty-three. Lou Gehrig won the triple crown in nineteen thirty four just the the the names of some of these teams thank team thirty six to nineteen thirty nine vita. They won three of them. Jody Maggio Lou Gehrig nineteen forty one to fifty six consecutive. Hit streak by demise. Yo nineteen forty nine to fifty three five consecutive titles. And this is the one fair nineteen fifty five to nineteen sixty four. They won nine straight World Series of nine straight, man. Oh, Beira Whitey Ford. Manna was the MVP they year an after nineteen sixty four declined a little bit. And as like Davor Getty said nineteen Seventy-three steinburner bought a team. Yeah. And then it seventy six he remodeled the Yankee Stadium and sure enough seventy six to eighty one World Series champions nineteen nineties Derrick jeeter Marianna Rivera came about ninety five the playoff berth. They won four of the five next World Series. And this is on you to they were to last team to win three straight World Series since the only as good knowledge, and then two thousand nine when they moved into the new Yankee Stadium that was when they. They won their last World Series in two thousand nine. Wow. This history. I'm any total though they won twenty seven World Series. The most most anywhere. The Montreal Canadians have won twenty four Stanley Cups. That's the closest of championship. Yankees won forty American League pennants the most of her the giants and dodgers have won twenty or more pennants, but the closest team that could win twenty seven twenty seven World Series. That's what the Yankees have the Saint Louis. Cardinals those? Okay. Yeah. They won eleven that's the closest so that I think that feet right there. I don't think you're going to get close to twenty seven. How can you do that? It's almost impossible now. Because you're you're teams are changing free agency or teams, you're these these teams stuck together. When you start looking at these rosters were they didn't go anyway family. Yeah. And you know, you talk about we talked to all these guests today about the New York Yankees. And was there pressure there? Not one of these guys that they enjoy it the experience, and you know, you would think just like you. And I when we go to Yankee Stadium. It was just like, wow. I would you like playing here. And we thought Mets fans were bad. Yankee fans were were, you know, they love you. They loved I remember seeing Yankee fans as I'm getting on the bus and some look like a twelve year old kid is yelling at you saying stuff about your family. And by the time we get to the ballpark. He's taken us up. Wait for you to finish family trees. How did you like Flynn Fitchet in Yankee Stadium the old Yankees cost? I knew we go to get it get out. Yeah. And there were tens of which I was glad I didn't pitch Dylan that series of these fans than nasty. I remember the first time I went to New York was an eighty eight when I was with Cleveland, and I went out to the monuments muggy part. Yeah. And he walked around. And you saw the history of the monuments was the was the flag post play time. Yeah. It was still it was shown centerfield. Yep. But it was just a an or that as a bait head knowing the history of of the and you saw these stones in your life. How cool is how do you play here? Yeah. Well, that was the first thing I thought I said, I could you do this every day and not have any pressure stress in all the newspapers rip John anything. Yeah. One thing row, but the game in the world and life was still so innocent at the time. It was and you know, now players play if they don't get the contract they want this guy. Screw around. I can't wait to get out of here. They go free agency. It the trust factor as we talked about talking to e sack. He talked about, you know, he I'm sorry, David get it said he enjoyed playing numbers thief's exit Steinbrenner was the nicest guy to him. He did everything for plants and also liked in. We talk about it all the time is they don't sit around and talk baseball after the game. There's maybe a handful of guys that do that. They don't go out to dinner with four or five or six guys. I remember that and the veterans always used to pick up the magilla doing, you know, those are the fun times where he got to know players. And you got to talk ways, we got you got to know them and really stab have as as a as a member of your baseball families. We like to call it. And when you played with the as when you. Went three World Series. That was fight. So, but it ended the day you are all chairman and and kicking each other. Well, you know in in the family structure, the family members, they squabble with each other all the time. But if if somebody outside the family tree says them to my brother, my uncle amount. Those a fight wouldn't. Brolin for but we talked to many people tonight. I mean, we talked to Fred Stanley and hominy players that he came up with that were in the minor leagues. And he said no Bush leagues Nolan Ryan throwing throwing a hundred miles an hour. No lights on you know, lights were so bad. And and this some of the stories that he had with with teams that were more like coop teams. Yeah. You know through the minor leagues. And and David Getty was sensational. When when he talked about the starting when he came there as a starter and any then he got the word while you're going to be the clothes. Oh of Yogi. Some of the the big things we wanted to bring out today where some of the Yankee stories and some of the history that some of the players that would vitamin I knew and hope the fans have enjoyed enjoyed it. That's the king of Jordan it until listen stories of when these guys, and you're and you're talking some of these guys thirty forty fifty years ago, you would think that and remembered as yesterday it's like a good old round table session, man. The names. That's what I love when you when you start talking about you said Mickey rivers. Nick character. Yeah. Dr way, the way is motion was the way as antics where and I love how Steve sax talked about Ricky Henderson. Ricky Henderson was that type of guy when you're on the opposing was the most person. Teammate stick it to. All right. We're gonna talk to Joe and Stockton. Joe? You're on camera Bill invited. How are you doing? Good just wanna compliment you guys. I was kids. Listen to guys like you. Because the game has changed too much is too much analytics it's not a game anymore. It's like they can play a video game. Man. I grew up during your guys era Videx you pitching seventy two seventy three World Series. My brother just signed with the Mets got to go out and see a game. It was amazing. And that was an era man guys through inside days. I can't believe I heard a fan say today at the giants going through the motion. Artists game that's ever played try to hit one hundred mile now fastball guy runs a two seamer in it. This is this is the I live for this. Trauma? Hit are trying to hit around ball with around bad. Joe that was that's one of the things that we we like to put together some discussions with some of the greatest players that vitamin I played against some of the guys we knew and stories and the names of of players that we recognize an and the older fan out there does too. And that's the kind of concept we're trying to build when we talk to these guys. And you know, it's people like you listen to it and say, this is great stuff. And that that's kind of what the conversation like vited, our we're trying to make like a round table of baseball players talking baseball. I hope you guys. I wish you guys do this year round. I wish you guys could find a format somewhere to do this. 'cause I would it would take away the cold winters love football. But not like baseball. We'll check with. Joe Joe check with Lee hammer. Yeah. Please. Just one thing. I think the giants is bad as people think they need a net right now, they need somebody. That can come up. Swing. Get the pitcher throw at seven or eight extra pitches in an inning. That's all they're really lacking. That one guy that takes the pitcher pass fifteen twenty pitches in any and then the that's come through. These guys are professionals. I agree with you. I just think these bats they've started off so slow and it's so hard to catch up. You know, you hear a look at the look at their batting average is you know, to twenty to thirty. They all started slow. You didn't if it some guys two or three guys are hitting two eighty to ninety not be talking about those guys. But the lineup just has to start expanding guys got his start getting hot. Hey, joe. We thank you for defending any major league player that that plays a big leagues today on any team. I don't care how good your batch. Nobody goes to the most you give. One hundred percent all the. I had a brother played at the AAA level. So I know a hard it is. And he always said you had an edge. All the guys had an edge that made it to the major, absolutely. So I appreciate you. And I realize when I hear some guy talk I bite my tongue because I wanna get into heated discussion. They don't know, man. You guys are the best of the best. That's why you're in the majors a lot to Joe's bite my tongue to some guy that could hit the world if he fell out of a vote. Vita one last time member we went so giant dodger game me and my brother. We got free tickets standing out trying to get a ticket my father, and we got the guy took us up to the VIP room. And you're up there. My brother Heineken, oh, man. That's drinking. That sounds like. That's not true story. You're sure only one. Joe thanks for the call. We appreciate a joke. Also, get sometimes we have free shape. Those kind of calls. We're gonna take a quick break here and winding up, but we appreciate everybody. Eight away came are. We got a few minutes. If you want to join us, and we'll be right back on kmby. 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