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Following hurricane. Michael now, stands at seventeen Florida's panhandle where Michael made landfall just shy of a category. Five hurricane is facing a massive recovery. Effort in the wake of hurricane. Michael ABC's will car is in Destin, Florida, where survivors of speaking out about writing out the storm warning we're hearing from hurricane survivors, you tell us they wished they could've latte Panama City when they could have John Pandu. Oh, like, so many others chose to ignore evacuation orders and ride out the storm. But when it got really bad he had to grab his dog. Rosie and then race into the closet of a bedroom. That's where he wrote the storm for about two hours. He says it was a horrifying ordeal. He relied on his faith. And he's amazed that both he and his dog were not killed president. Trump says he plans to call Saudi's King quote at some point to discuss the alleged killing journalists in Washington Post columnist Jamal kashogi. He walked into a Saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey, October second and reports say he hasn't been seen since. ABC's Jillian McFarlane has more on reports that he was killed inside. According to the Washington Post. Turkish officials claim that they have proof audio and video recordings of the murder inside the consulate the post quoting a source saying you can hear his voice on the voices of men speaking our big you can hear how he was interrogated tortured, and then murdered American pastor. Andrew Brunson has been released from Turkey and is expected to arrive in Washington today. He's scheduled to meet with President Trump ABC's Tara Palmeiras areas in Washington with more on accusations that Brunson face Brunson and evangelical pastor from North Carolina was convicted by Turkish corps who accused him of spying and aiding terrorist Brunson and US officials deny those charges. The pastor celebrating the end of his twenty four month detention by kissing.

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