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You didn't episodes. There was an episode. There is an episode. it's season seven. It's called sub rosa by many counts by many people they would say it is the worst episode of tng okay. It's a beverly crusher episode where she goes the like some scottish colony kind of like scottish disneyland or something. I don't really know how to describe it but her grandmother has just died and turns out like there's this ghost hanging around this is sucking the life out of her grandma and now this ghost is like attached itself to beverly. But it's this romantic relationship that they have hot. But it's really this parasitic go sucking energy off. It's weird it's not good. He's weird pay. You know given how you feel about a lot of episodes because everybody else you might love it. So every episode is somebody's favorite. So you know that one might be yours buddy so no. I don't think so. That's why this episode is not your favorite. There is no guidance and there was no wesley. That's why it's not your favorite very true. And i didn't go back and think it all the way through but going into this episode. One of my first thoughts was man. I hope they don't leave anybody out of this episode like anyone major like made like that'd be the weirdest things like we're gonna have the series finale and he's not going to be right or something like that but like they brought back tasha yar. They wouldn't even back. Wesley didn't bring recklessly breath. Guinan even like in three time periods. So it's not like oh he's off something here. You went back in time and too far back in time. But as they showed us from season one reiger you didn't even need to bring them on set out and we'll talk about that when we get to that part of the episode. Hey do you have questions. Well i gotta tell you for me. Personally i'm on the way opposite side of you..

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