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To seven that's why i love the fact that the the cowboys tv ratings are tanking so i love the fact that people are selling their cowboys tickets a 14year seasonticket holder solis tickets for half the value last night ethos he call them so that was a great call he said he got a crap and on me i sort of my country into different branches in two different ways and your crap and i mean are sold them none of i would even psalm at the full value sleman have value took a law screw you likely explain in my family members that guy said to i explained in my family member sorry i'm not going to give you a free tickets anymore because i'm gone canceling listen not buying them anymore so many people have called in and cancel their dish package should an nfl package good be wally freshman quarterback from a division three school was kicked off the team after taking a need during the national anthem here's what i love the coach and the team came to an agreement they said we will take an eu during the coin toss but we will stand during the starspangled banner right we'll take any just like jerry did right so everybody agreed except for one guy the quarterback the quarterback designer to go rogue and and screw the team just do his own neil during the anthem and everybody else was standing and so he was dismissed for his decision to not sport team unity good that's exactly right you can now you can take a stand you neil everywhere you want good luck with that have fun good job kick him off throw him out eminem made a nasty nasty uh freestyle type rap over donald trump its grave we're gonna have followed that some of the a piece of it and talk about that coming up next then supposedly oh in in in in eminem the the media say hyping all this is leaving out eminem's history of all the things he said and.

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