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ABC, Representative, Ohio State University discussed on Sean Hannity


Berg station for news traffic and weather in central ohio newsradio six ten wtvn your dc hd two jio station from abc news i'm richard cantu after four hours negotiations and an evacuation a protester who climbed onto the statue of liberty has been removed a group called rise and resist dropped a banner that said abolish ice at the statue of liberty and that was supposed to be it then a rogue climbers scaled the statue causing all of liberty island to be evacuated the climber was near lady liberty's rightfoot holding a shirt that said trumpcare makes us sick she was arrested abc's aaron katersky some communities in utah arizona california and colorado have canceled fireworks tonight because the dry conditions are right for wildfires it's the opposite in southwestern minnesota where some homes have been damaged by flooding or the flooding redwood river devastating i mean what do you do there's not much that you can really do houston mayor sylvester turner canceled tonight's fireworks because of heavy rain that spurred flash flooding this is really close there again harvey okay and so anytime you got a lot of rain there's a lot of nervousness turner says some areas eight inches of rain a fatal accident had a fireworks show in rock island illinois one hundred year old tree branch fell onto spectators the two people killed identified as a sixty one year old man who died at the scene is seventy two year old man who died at the hospital among the five hundred a pregnant woman who delivered at near full term baby after going to the hospital she and the baby are said to be in good health abc's ryan burrow conservative republican congressman jim jordan continues to deny claims he knew about alleged sex abuse at ohio state university three former ohio state university wrestlers have gone public with their stories detail in what they say was sexual molestation by a former wrestling team doctor representative jim jordan wasn't assistant wrestling coach from nineteen eighty six to nine hundred ninety four at least one alleged victim says he told jordan about the abuse the other say jordan was definitely aware but congressman jordan says that's just not true abc's janai norman you're listening to abc news do.

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