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Of Yahoo Sports Talking little UFC. David Lombardi will join us at some point later in the week to talk a little 40 Niners of the athletic and then gave Kappler Uh, the s F giant. You're manager of the SS giants came on a day. Fun conversation with him. Thank you so much, too. Daniel for booking a hell of a show once again, Tim for running a hell of a show once again and now. Ah before get out of here. How to turn it over, Larry. Go ahead there. What's the line again? Take it away. Take it away Dirt. He was raised in the whipping winds of Candlestick rolling out the right throws his seven years now in the era of Maccabi Cold Mission, Babe and Levi Steam. He's the voice of the knight in his hometown Thiss. He's a Mark Willard show Mark Willard Show live from a K N P R studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort in Casino. Shoot your shot all you got on knd rt 04 by 6 80 sports boards leader What's going on to night. Glad to be with you glad you are with us off. We go into another week, and we're very thankful for your presence. There's a lot going on this week. Actually, as in theory, baseball.

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