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An intuitive and easy to adopt process, making it user friendly for all personnel, not just IT teams. Keeper security is the only password in credential management platform available on the FedRAMP marketplace. For more information and to request a trial, search, keeper security, government cloud. You're listening to WTO pneumo. Three 23. Campaign 2022 continues now on WTO. July 19th, Maryland voters head to the polls to vote in the state's primary. Let's talk about the race for governor, Democrat John King, talked to WTO about issues facing voters and what he says he would do as governor. Here's WTO peace Kate Ryan. John King served as education secretary under former president Barack Obama. He says he's uniquely qualified to implement the large scale education reforms known formally as the blueprint for Maryland's future. And just was talking with the school counselor in prince George's county recently who has 800 students she's supposed to support. It's impossible. Crime is a major concern so is police reform in king says he would try to strike a balance. That provides adequate training to officers, as well as holds those accountable who do the wrong thing. In the area of jobs in the economy, king puts the focus on child care. That's a huge expense that families are struggling to address. He'd push for progress on the purple line and focus on transit. We don't need a toll road project. We don't need the two 70 expansion as proposed by governor Hogan. We certainly need to do work to replace the American legion bridge. What about adding capacity to the Chesapeake Bay bridge? There's more study that's needed, I think, before we commit to adding to the bridge. Kate Ryan, WTO news. Read the interviews with all the Maryland governor candidates on WTO P dot com search candidates. It's three 24 a longtime employee of an assisted living facility in Montgomery county has been charged with theft. Maritza Ramirez had worked at Marion assisted living in brookville for 14 years and now she's in trouble facing several counts of theft. Montgomery county police say the 57 year old woman as an extensive history selling expensive jewelry at pawn shops, including diamond rings and gold necklaces they say she became the focus of an investigation recently after family members have won assisted living resident reported that multiple items of jewelry in a cell phone were missing from the residents secured bedroom. Nick and Ellie doubled news. Well, a chase shut down some lanes on the beltway for more than an hour overnight and police in Maryland have three people in custody. They say officers followed the three after the SUV was seen leaving an attempted burglary in Bethesda. Police say the suspect shot at them, hitting a police car, no officers were hurt and un fired back. The SUV crashed near the Wisconsin exit in Wisconsin avenue exit on the outer loop of the beltway. Police found and arrested the three nearby Woods, stopping traffic and it caused a mile long backup. Money news at 25 and 55 her chef play ball. Final stretch of trading for the day the week and the month of June just to have

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