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You must be crazy. Use a d. o. g. And if you was my man. I would have been kicked you out of my house by now. This is what had happened. Thank you for that you know. I was watching the washington playoff game and they were showing that they spent first round. Pick on a defensive lineman for years in a row. Only the second team to ever do that but that was one of the reasons why washington defense is so good. You know young and sweat the other guy and i was just thinking about how bad cleland furloughs and normally. I don't do a poll on twitter. Because it's basically i need attention but i was just curious so i was watching the game and i just threw it out there until the raider nation. I said hey. Would you trade him right now. For a third round pick leland. Feral choices were yes. He's a bust or no he'll improve and so it lasts twenty four hours One hundred and seventy five votes Forty six per se es yes. He's a fifty four percent. Say no hill improve. Now if you're asking me what i would've picked. I would have picked no not so much. He'll improve but no because the raiders have three first round pick last year and they are all basically nothing i. One they've picked was a guy that was traded before camp started to miami. The second one bryan edwards is a guy who's a big tall receiver but had a handful of catches and it's basically the fifth string wide receiver. And the other guys a safety. Linebacker name tanner muse from clemson. Who didn't play the whole year as he was hurt. So what's the big deal about a third round. Pick right now. So if there was a third choice i do for myself would be. He's a bus but hold onto him one more year but anyway an interesting thing almost half and it still. This was an election no hill improve would be the winner but it was close almost half out of one hundred and seventy five people who that my little twitter poll said Trade them right. Now is a bus for third round. Pick all right i. Maybe that'll lighter fighter. Under but armored tittle see tomorrow thanks for tuning in and it'll be nine. Am down Hope we don't have brain damage.

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