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A couple of weeks You know to start watching the the breezes who in this group As as really impressive where they are well. I think we've got an ice candy rightfully We've got A nice blame called. It's a very nice called for down the road. He's a two. Or i think he's sculpture. Called beautiful mover. He's not rapid quick. He's not a sprinter but he's going to be a very nice always. Come back to the back. End of the year and next year has a three year old and then i got an ice than ready philly. It's pretty sharp and looks ready to go Ones i kinda would probably just jump to mind right now. Well i'll give everybody the numbers and Nile will be in barn eight Hip four seventy eight is the blame. Colt and Actually just looking at that page This is the family Somali lemonade or remember. I think mike matt michael matt's If i'm not mistaken and also The second second dams a half to Waldoboro who was quite nice. This looks like a the well and then a it's got something that everybody likes to see the damn Laha she's had eight registered foals seven of racing age six to raise all winners myself. Proud owner you know there's a lot of stamina in the pedigree and that's the way physically made big sculpture to divorce but he's very pretty cold and and I think he could be a very nice horse down the road you know but and some people respect that not everybody's trying to buy one that's gonna run five. Longs you know in a couple of weeks not there. I think you have to look to the future. And that's where the best rewards or anyway way down the road when the running longer and that's kind of what so. I think you're gonna make into an ice horse now and that More than ready phillies out of a tap. It mayor Sally ride That there's a sister to conquest biggie And this looks like a nice family as well..

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