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Off feeling property a mandate to a gift from tough this was all taken to be manhattan story where how at the 52nd pick of treatment avenue in new york city council already had some thirty barrels and bumbled papers uh at this warehouse and they brought in another probably have put who truckload hole uh but there was probably them it was fed another at least eighty barrel a material scattered around manhattan and new jersey up the time that possibly had not been found so then uh john trump was brought in to examine this material to try to discover if there is anything uh a award keeping now remember how much of this stuff i said with fees and taken to this warehouse yet trump and a couple of of people from a naval intelligence from alike less than two day going through their staff and and afterwards a trump uh wrote a letter declaring that uh even though tests will have been a great scientific day none of the material bet he looked through uh offered any potential usefulness to the united states government my understanding is is is also that that the john trumpian president trump's paternal uncle a developed highvoltage x ray generators that could extend the lives of cancer patients steph it he did he do you think did he you know his you said that old saying uh you know if we have seen further it's because we stood on the shoulders of giants didn't did trump perhaps borrow from tesla i think everybody borrowed from that flood uh in a i don't i don't want to go and and you know besmirch the character of of somebody in a like john trump because i mean he did do a great work of his own but i have no no doubt that the uh that he helped crew whose crew earned for pupils well uh using uh have flew ideas especially based on uh the thing that uh that that trump did afterward after he examined um a tough of material i and i should point out also that one of a gentleman who is with trump in those days uh going through tougher uh uh was basically a five four the navy who uh of so a m a bility's was as a uh uh.

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