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Of. Announcement. Good or bad from vice president Pence, or secretary of state Pompeo about their meeting with the Mexican foreign minister news ninety six point five WDBO Orlando turns first for severe weather related showers right now, I'm meteorologist, George Waldenberger. Tracking in increasing chance of rain as we head into the evening on khaki O'Brien. We're picking up. Scattered delays both directions on I four traffic in four minutes on news ninety six point five WDBO. We had a few isolated showers in east Orlando and eastern seminal county that has all dissipated. Hot ninety two downtown Orlando. We have ninety three at Orlando international airport. I'm teddy Sean Hannity back and five minutes with the final hour news roundup last hour, if you missed Hannity South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham was on with John and said this about the tariffs. The problem tariffs I get it. But nothing else seems to be working. We've tried everything. Meanwhile with the tariffs looming. More green numbers on the street today. Bell. The Dow Jones industrials up another two hundred seven points, NASDAQ up forty eight points, the s&p five hundred picked up twenty three points that is nearly one percent on the day. President Trump will travel Normandy, France to join other world leaders marking the seventy fifth anniversary of the d day invasion during World War Two June sixth, nineteen forty four allied forces landed on French beast. Beaches out this historic audio clip of general Eisenhower's address to the allied forces. Airman on the expeditionary force you about doing bark upon the great Chris torn, which we have striven these many months, the eyes of the world upon you. Hopes and prayers liberty loving, people everywhere March with you more than four thousand troops died during the allied invasion of Normandy. Jimmy DuPree, your Washington watchdog and this is where Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather, and traffic. News ninety six five WDBO central Florida's newest waterpark is holding a soft opening. If you miss Whitten wild as she rest in peace. You might be keeping up with news. About island two alive. Opening it Margarita Ville resort Kasumi. Well preview dates started today. The windows open to see the park for the first time at a discounted price. Five dollars off day tickets seventy dollars annual pass plus tax from now June fifth until Thursday June twentieth. During these preview days, Margarita, Ville says that daily passes must be purchased at the water waterpark ticket windows. Only Brandon HOGAN news ninety six point five WDBO cop killer Markeith Loyd back in court. Today, the jury deciding whether Markeith Loyd who killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend will not see video of him allegedly shooting Orlando police Lieutenant size were in court today arguing over how much evidence from the accused killers other cases should be allowed into his first trial,.

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