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Well i can tell you extensively about the history of williamsburg but other than the normal life and death we have starting in sixteen twenty two there was a massacre by the native americans of the english columnists because the native americans were fed up with their land being taken and then right after that then there was the colonists that massacred the native americans to put them into submission and then we have the revolutionary war the battle of your town was very close by and the two hospitals for the wounded french soldiers and wounded continental soldiers was here in williamsburg and the biggest thing that i think that people overlook as far as williamsburg goes is the battle of williamsburg the civil war and that was when close to four thousand casualties happened in this tiny little sleepy college town at that time it was overrun with the dead and the dying it was less than two thousand that were living here and he had almost four thousand casualties and that's probably the biggest contributor to the paranormal activity that i've seen in colonial williamsburg do these ghosts tim know they're dead or do they just hang around what he thinks happening you know i i can't really answer that but when when i see and i photographed some of the same ghosts in the same windows i think that there that is their window to look into this world i don't i don't know if they're stuck there or if they're in another dimension and they can move freely about in that dimension and yet only have that window into our dimension where exactly what the story is and of course you initially were kind of skeptical about all this weren't you when i first started i was just giving historical tours of colonial williamsburg and my company that was working for they asked me if i would give ghost tours and i said sure at the time i was skeptical because i had no reason to believe i'd never had any paranormal experiences before and i memorize the script that i was given started taking people out on tours in every once in a while not every night but every once in.

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