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Times before and as I will keep mentioning until I die we are in the midst of redoing the tears and figuring out some better things to get all of you that we can also commit to which is a tough sweet spot but we're getting there thank you for your patience we love you and please become a paper trend or not if you don't want to that's also fine Katherine we have a lot of different Javer we do so we We have some thoughts about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and yet the elections and Yes yes so I put this in the dock 'cause I really wanted to well Catherine from being honest I wanted to shout into the mic about it and that's what I'm GonNa do so if you don't want to hear about politics fast forward one hundred and twenty three minutes but here's the thing so I'm not gonna I'm not here to talk about like who I WanNa vote for and who I like because it's not really what the is about and also just because I feel like I'm GonNa regret it because someone's going to end up being a monster and also supporting politicians is grotesque and I just I don't really want to talk about what I do WanNa talk about is that the obstacle for me with Bernie is that the people who like him are terrible and not all of them there's there's an ass risk their wishes to say definitely not all of them and you know it's you know I'm talking about like my timeline in what I see and so the that's obviously like a very select group and it's possible that I just follow more terrible people than I should also like who knows who are what what accounts are bought sentence interfere with our elections and who are real people but I will say I do follow some real people who are Bernie supporters and I've muted a lot of them the noxious ones not the not obnoxious ones there are a lot of wonderful progressives who have an intersectional perspective and appreciate the fact that Bernie has been up for various progressive causes for a long time and and I I was being funny for the purposes of comedy when I said that all of his supporters are terrible I Oh they're not I know they're not all terrible but listeners don't don't Addison Yeah I'm GonNa need you to do is at me like I there is this thing of seeing white people a lot of them are men explain to you why Bernie is better while also like dunking on other candidates who are like you know maybe not socialists but more less equally progressive and or like close to it or like you know who who who bring progressive ideas and policies to the conversation and it Bernie's whole thing is about how he's building a movement you know this this is about rearranging power relations this isn't just about you know who were electing it's about fundamentally changing who has power in this country and if that's what you're about which I think is dope then like are you really building with people if all you're doing is like dunking on them especially when they're they're essentially like their values are like between seventy and ninety percent like overlapping with yours and so like why dunk and I know that like there are people who support other candidates who are dunking a lot but I have to say the amount that I see Bernie supporters flexing on social media in obnoxious way it's just like it's like now we're not even having a conversation about anything useful were just like talking about why Bernie is so much better than everyone else and like I think it's fine for me I think that but the thing is that the thing that I see in the people who are into him is white people you know again a lot men but not all aways who who whose entire purpose in life is to explain to you why understanding class struggle is the most important thing you can do to change anything in this country and everything else comes second and they say they're intersectional and that may have raised analysis in gender analysis but like that hasn't I don't see that that often and again like I'm not talking about all Bernie supporters of this doesn't apply to you it doesn't apply but I just I just mean like I see it so much and I it makes me completely enraged and then one last thing and then I'm GonNa stop talking I just briefly so that you can another thing that I've seen people do and again like I have to say that I see it mostly with Bernie orders and look I would be indicting Warren supporters if I saw them being insufferable and look I do I do actually see some insufferable white women who Oh yes yes are are obnoxious in their support for Warren and I'm not GonNa say I don't see that but I just see the burning incense way way more but the thing that I've been seeing Bernie supporters do is whites Bernie supporters telling you who people of color are supporting in this way where it's like they're not really citing data so much as they are explaining to you that like their candidate is the one that black people in the United States really like six and not the other candidate and I just I feel this is a really bad space to occupy as a white person I think you know it's important to listen to collar and marginalized people and just anyone in this country who has a deeper analysis and a closer experience with oppression to to like I I want to know what they're thinking and we are thinking about who is going to make change in this country but that's really different than being like look the white person I'm here to tell you who black people in this country and lat next people in this country and generally people of color who they really like and who they're really supporting because it's it's such a weird cudgel to use to like bring other white I guess it's to like bring other white progressives to your side but it's like you're speaking for a lot of different communities and I've hidden a bunch of people on facebook who do this constantly I find it enraging and that's my rant Catherine Yeah so remember when I sent you the screen shots of attack message I have donated to Bernie in the AALST and obviously if he's the nominee were voting firm because you know anything but you know but I wrote back to the tax and I was like hey you know I I'd like to be taken off this text chain which by the way I wasn't and somebody came back at me immediately and they were like Oh but black women and women love him and I was like dude chill the fuck out and we got an actual courageous conversation about the way in which he was talking to me like I need to hear that like I can make decisions on my own you don't need to patronize me and the way in and he actually apologized and all that stuff and that's good now we're like dating I'm joking but it was a really intense text conversation and I was very upset because I'm like are is this how you're speaking to people and by the way anyone can support anyone this is not about that right it's more about how the conversation is happening and so when everyone everyone most people say to me but Bernie loves this and that it's like I get it but I can make my own decisions you don't need to me that Bernie loves women like we Ah yes I'm a woman I believe were of what what he does and I it's so it's so patronizing so right it's it's just not a way in which to do a campaign and I feel the members should tone it down a notch yeah man I I really had it with like progressives of all stripes being like trying to prove to you that their candidate is is the more is the truly authentically progressive one which it's not that like I don't think we should talk about who has like progressive values and policies but it sort of now is becoming like this thing where everyone is just I don't know man like no one is is like listening and learning and growing everyone is just like trying to tell you why the person they like right now is a way better choice than the person you like but not in a way that feels substantive like I keep I keep you know I sit down a computer like once or twice a day being like or I really want to have a deeper understanding of the the two candidates in this race who I find really compelling and I really WanNa like understand like the significant differences between them and stuff like that and you know some of it is like pretty the like pretty apparent and but then when you when you try to go deeper like even even like think pieces I find are written are they're coming at the place of like let me prove to you why this candidate is better than the other one as opposed to like an an exploration of both and and and and I know that there's like stuff out there that that I can find I'm sure there is but it it's really hard to find it because the conversation is just so like is just so much about like flexing and I don't know I've just I've had it with the Bernie brothers I really have and I know it's it's a tough world out there there's a lot of anger and division and stuff but I feel that the best way to not do that is to have those conversations and I agree with you completely that we need to have more of them and we're not actually talking about the fact that this is a job interview it's not a wrestling contest you know we need to constantly check the candidates people who are running like we need to look at it that way right there were for us on a pay their you know bills so look at it that way and I feel very weird when I meet all who see it as a contest it's not a contest it's we are all you know resolving who we want to be in having major power and representing us so therefore they need to hear us and as a result they have a job to do and there's no way in which that any of them are ever perfect and even if your candidate wins they're still working for you you have to you have to be judgmental you have to say hey that's not cool I voted for Obama right and get all you know he was pretty centrist on a lot of the things that I didn't agree with and you can say that out loud about being late yeah we won you know and I I loved him as a president because he was open minded and listen to the feedback but also felt that he didn't do the best job at some things and I can say that out loud and the second I talk about you know forty five his name 'cause I can't everyone's like oh because you're a Democrat it's like no it's because I'm a human being in the world who disagrees with the policy and I feel we don't enough talk about that you know we don't have to be divided the only reason I'm a registered Democrat is so I can vote in the primary that's literally the only reason because that's a rule and yes it's it's rough out there and we should really think about the the we're their bosses they're not the boss of us and this is not a cage match yeah yeah it's interesting that you're saying that I hadn't really thought about it from this perspective but like I also get really frustrated when People Cape for like podcast hosts that they're obsessed with our like celebrities that in it's like the I don't like they're never going to be your friends like you know like you you know when you like go to the Mat to like you know thank on someone who is like your person's perceived like enemy like you just you just look like a Ding Dong like yeah Bernie's not going to be your best friend like Joe Rogan is not GonNa notice that you're that you're like you know you know like preaching his nonsense in people's mentions you know and and not not to compare Joe Rogan but I say just like the like the white youngsters who are into who are into Bernie like the way they show up is just like I find it so super duper maddening and part of it is that you know I have this thing like you know just to be honest but what I'm bringing to this whole thing because you know we're all bring your own shit but like I have this thing about people sort of like I see it a lot in like gaming communities like non line like the way people are sort of like obsessed with defending the the like kind of I don't even know the hosts gamers that they think are like the best in the coolest and beyond reproach it's just like you're embarrassing yourself like you know hold these people countable like you know none of these people are going to be your friend like Bernie is not GonNa make you spokesperson or his field organizer because you're being shitty when someone mentions you know and you know I I'm like I'm very fixated on Bernie rose and like you're never going to hear me make this like trump's followers are Nazis so I'm not even Gonna I'm not GonNa go there either but and Hillary supporters are monsters in their own way but like so I guess I will talk about other people's supporters but I just the I don't know the the way in which Bernard Brothers get under my skin is so specific and you know it probably changed Bernard Brother Bernard brothers it I'm sure I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that like for forty years I've been trying to like escape white men explain inning to me why everything that they think is most important should be most important to me and I just I.

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