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There's something so pleasing about watching him do that too. So that that is as a kind of another layer of like of what heaven actually means for someone like him. I mean obviously, there's also all of the seventh day adventists stuff kind of we woven in there as well. I'm not sure what to make all that whole spiritual. Component but but there is a thing i. just think this is it doesn't really compare to FIFA losing faking this but I do I do think like the prevailing spirit of Dick Johnson is dead comes from Dick Johnson and his view of life, which is so open in accepting in positive in kind of fun. You know that that that that's kind of we kept it from being a dirge for me but you know that's the justice that I want. I, want to like get too far away from effort fake. Stop. I just WanNa make the point that you mentioned him to an APP in autumn as opposed to the many many other naps that he takes throughout the course of this film. What, a strange like whenever we parents films up like this we were always looking at either creator connections or big picture big theme connections, and then we almost always get like one of these strange little coincidental connections and the moment when he is in his Ottoman sleeping and he just sort of gently soap bubble floats up to the ceiling and disappears. Is, still, very surreal moment and then F for fake ends with Orson Welles slowly levitating an old man who appears typing or dead upward, and then eventually whisking cloth off of him and he's also disappeared. And I just had a moment of is this is complete coincidence is this based in the the symbolism of kind of the body disappearing death like physical form disappearing is this what we're getting at when we do this A. Magician's act like we have multiple bodies disappearing over the course of of effort fake. At what is what a strange weird little rhyme between these two films would've of gets at another connection, which is delusion concept that both films are hugely interested in after fake it's it's pretty obvious I mean the whole thing is a magic trick. From the beginning and in you know all about all these different levels of fakery and in truth in there as well, and then with Johnston's dead. There's a lot of illusions that are created by fantasy and by you know these these sort of staged sequences but then there's the overall illusion that it's possible for someone to. Live forever and in movies such an exciting idea that she said bottled up this moment out of time and then and then ends the film. So pointedly with the illusion that he's probably that he's gone in her opening the door and he's alive and that's a trick trick that she plays on us, and that's a trick that movies allow her to do in allows us to be kind of delighted by this illusion in and leave the film with like a little question mark with a moment that is defiant of the very title of the movie I had the thought before we started recording..

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