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Goes live in studio which is constitutes getting up and getting down And listen I could make this This is this Friday night 7 o'clock here in LA at the elysian Judy go live That's right Bucket list people fucking list There's only there's not that many tickets left Yeah so if you want them we tweeted and Facebook out a link to the tickets Fantastic I think it's gonna be really fun All right and she's in the Netflix as a joke festival with 16,000 other comments Oh God It's crazy It's crazy I can't believe how many comics have been performing right now And they keep adding comics Or just people are like I'm in town there's a lot of when there weren't a lot of comments When you and I were performing styrofoam cows in New York for some reason It was and the other thing was I mean I don't know this is not a Chappelle thing It's more of a general comic thing But we're split We used to always have each other's backs It was like your comic I don't care what your politics are You know And now it's very split There's division in the comedy community Explain what you mean by that Well we always took up like when I used to do tough crowd with Colin Quinn It was like everyone had different viewpoints It was just about being funny And mocking each other The way we have a different language you know And now it's people are behaving as if this one said that or this one did that And I don't like them for that joke And it's like then don't stand in the back of the room Right You know Right There's plenty of people here's where I think it is I always know where the joke is You always know where the joke If you're a comedian you know even if you don't like the joke you're like that's a joke But when people get on stage and are just lazy and just standing there and talking there's no joke just that's where I think the line is where I don't know But people are divided Made like a trans joke I guess after this person said he's a trans man Yeah Because he had gotten in trouble for earlier comments about that I mean yeah I think we have this whole like Bill Maher things I don't know He started doing right wing talking points He seems like he's becoming Dennis Miller for some reason I know It's crazy Yeah But then who owns the free speech I just had this argument the other night Some guy I was at an event and he's like oh it's the Democrat It's the right wing very right and very left Yeah To me generally most great comics first you left because right wingers aren't funny They all just punched down They punched down Thank you And when you see a video of like an evil person at an event laughing Yeah Orange Or suck it up And you see B roll of them laughing You know that they're laughing at someone else's expense Because they don't know how to go to The White House correspondents dinner Yeah Yeah 'cause it doesn't talk about that Right no exactly because he was a joke He couldn't take a joke He was like you have to have self awareness And humility to be able to get humor Yeah Oh he's gotten our first.

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