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Kabila gave her barstool episodes sixty three jeff low tro balans ken jak back in studio been in the studio in a while also couple i episode i the first time we recorded three days in a row let me say that right now this is this is wild three days in a row recording it's it's an interesting thing to have happened i like it took run closer don't you guys think yeah highenergy trill coming fresh off vaca it's great yeah i got a less for life i hope permeates the rest of this episode guys good mood right you on your vibe riding your vibe right now we also have our first first ever interview rawson thurber the director of skyscraper also writer he also dodgeball we're the millers central intelligence he's going to be doing red notice with gal gadoe and the rock and maybe chris pratt we're gonna see we can get him to actually say it's chris pratt on the pod wouldn't that be great our first interview and we get a big exclusive chris pratt starring in iraq movie i mean the chances are very slim and actually we have any record the interview yet so it's we're recording tomorrow so i mean i really don't know right now but we're going to ask him brass m straight up confirm a nervous jeff no okay you've interviewed people before yeah and he actually the funny thing is this skyscraper weekend gm he spent a whole week with gm so just kind of like you know the poetry or something some bullshit like that or no i think it'll be okay as long as you don't ask them to facetime dwayne johnson yeah that's that's probably the one that's the one the steak almost famous person in your phone pull something from my production days hey we there they're like come on come on let's just talk to the rock original idea never been done in barstool komo's person in your phone and it's it's the rock right it's it's doing clarify it as psycho bomber or something he's a guy i guess it's technically obama like thuc we don't want to call him i mistake will be saying the rock we got to act cool and say calling dwayne dwayne and then he calls like dwayne casey fomer raptors coach or some bullshit no he's actually we're gonna ask him this too he's in.

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