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Now he malkey hip shift team raw versus team smack down shane mack it just says randy and four others to be randy ribbon and out embarrass me you know like bobby rude shinsegei ko roofing ky ko one kale but a bakeo doesn't like shane mcmahon maybe there's some sort of situation where he's forced is sanders force aj ko and come slam he's amy slamming davis jr slam is aim we'll see and then what's his face aj styles will probably rest someone in the russell someone and a singles maybe a little have him in i dunno aides ag might be on team smack down it's all speculation 'cause you know the royal rumbles in philly your old stomping grounds this year allow they better watch out for flying batteries you sloop john who else rhode arosa joe durrell suck now be a hell of a crew came out in the three of us walk in the door i went to the royal rambo i didn't say any riley um some gotch have anything else to say of note i gotta watch that so well there's some other gap for instance the dude needs to take advice from mother fucking pray why pray why it is sounds like a guy that backstage will at least for him tell you like hey hey man lilian his that do you man this heat oral with his locker room ma'am which gotta do is make eye contact and shake hands with everybody say please and thank you and wipe your mouth don't sneeze in front of vince because he don't lacks sneeze and man but also don't make sex jokes to john seena nikki bella cats a guaranteed hey man i over her that joke while it was very funny and your tom in his spot on don't talk about bubis when he a talk in a john seena and his lady friend man don't don't make his special lady friend uncomfortable mind did he he did though it until the joke.

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