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Passionate is interested in the etiquette of TV dinners, but what about their history, although airlines serving frozen dinners as early as nineteen forty four Swanson, I marketed a TV brand frozen dinner in nineteen fifty three. And it was a thanksgiving meal desserts came in nineteen sixty the hungry man dinners, nineteen seventy three and the microwave TV dinner in nineteen eighty six. The university of Minnesota did a study to answer. The question is watching TV during dinner bad for you. They found founded forty three percent of subject families kept the TV on during dinner active. TV watchers eight the most amount of fast food, those who didn't watch TV at all the healthiest diets and families with the TV on but just in the background fill in between. So my mother was right TV is indeed bad for you. That's it for this week's show if you tuned into late, you can listen to our podcast, and I tune Stitcher. Tune in Google play or Spotify. Please remember to subscribe to the show automatically get every single show. Download it to your phone or tablet each week. If you wanna learn more about milk street had one seven seven milk street dot com. Download each week recipes subscribe to a magazine watch TV show in order are no cookbook back next week. Thanks for listening. Christopher Kimble's milk street radio is produced by Milt street in association with w executive producer, Melissa Volta producer tristen to me, associate producer Carly Hellmut production. Assistant Jackie Noah, senior, audio engineer. Douglas. Senior audio editor Melissa Allison with help from Vicky Merrick sitting Lewis audio mixing by Jay elephant at Atlantic public media production. Help Debbie see music by to proof additional music by George Brandel. Christopher Kimble's milk street radio is distributed by the public radio extreme..

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