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Be established to have the money to have the skill set. To have all the adulation thrown in their direction and still be humbled enough to be held in check by a leader searching for his first championship, not one that came as a champion. You've got to give credit where credit is due. It shows that although they're young, they're incredibly mature, and they showed it tonight by being prepared for Game one and pretty much throughout these playoffs. Every single series. They've walked into. They've come here prepared and ready to play and put somebody else on their heels to start the playoffs. You got to give credit where credit is due in that regard. Chris Paul 32 points. Devin Booker, 27 DeAndre Ayton 22 points. 19 rebounds First player with 20 and 15 on 80% shooting in the finals. Since Wilt Chamberlain in 1972 in the Los Janos attended Combo at 20 points, 17 rebounds and four assists drew holiday. 10 points, seven rebounds. Nine assists, ninth game this postseason with 10, 5 and five But ESPN analyst Tim Legler says Milwaukee needs to adjust. A S a P. What they need to do is put you holiday and Chris Paul and say you've got to be a dog on him Hunt him at 30 ft. Go under the screen. You don't have to go over inside the three point line, fight over the top, Get a hard heads from the big and I want you holiday on Chris Paul's hip as much as he possibly can. Unless he's in foul trouble. Booker is going to get his numbers, So use other guys on him. Connauton, P. J. Tucker Middleton can get him song Brian Forbes Go ahead. Chris Paul is the key to this series and drew holiday needs to lock in on him as much as possible. You think of a quarterback like a vet just say Tom Brady because there's no nobody older than him, right? You're trying to disguise of blitz or something he's going to look at. He's gonna know exactly what's coming. I can't think of a worse good point guard. To leave in a situation where he could hunt the matchup he wants when you're going to switch, then Chris Paul, like you could have shown time and time again, where he just shows who he wanted to guard him. You can't let that happen. And tonight it was more as a scorer because that's what was there for him. But there's other plays in this game. I could have shown you where he ends up getting like a hockey assist. But again, it.

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