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The deep freeze moves in. And what federal reportedly caught on tape on an alderman wired up. News is next. But first the Weather Channel forecast Ruutel cold for mid week here. Chicago have to go back to the nineteen eighties to find numbers this whole twenty one below with the lake short tonight with wind chills to fifty below wind chill warning. Until noon on Thursday, thirteen below Wednesday for the high Twenty-three below zero Wednesday night and wind chills as cold as fifty five below zero causing frostbite exposed skin as little as five minutes whether whiplash this weekend almost a sixty or seventy degree increased to the temperatures by Sunday, high forty from the Weather Channel, I'm Scott Lawrimore WLS AM, eight ninety with another update thirty minutes. Two degrees at O'Hare for it. Midway in the lakefront the wind chill fiftieth sixteen below zero this hour sponsored in part by indeed dot com. Indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, then sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash. Dangerous cold is already taken hold in Chicago. But it's only going to get worse. As temperatures are expected to plummet to record or near record lows. Tomorrow. More on the story from Kathy Volkmar, governor Pritzker issued a disaster proclamation to help provide state resources to respond to the brutal weather. Mayor Emanuel says warming shelters centers and buses are open and out and no one in need of a safer warm place to stay. We'll be turned away. No one. The mayor reminds us to check on elderly family, friends and neighbors rich guide us with the city's office of emergency management and communication says help is available during the cold spell. If you're in need of city services, please call three one one.

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