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Hurricane Dorian which is destroyed parts of the Bahamas was one of the worst storms uh-huh history after hit last week Guardian reporter Oliver Lock traveled to the capital. Naso began trying to reach the worst affected islands. Uh access seemed impossible until an unlikely solution presented it so an offer of a lift on a Royal Caribbean cruise as liner could the symphony of the only body with a group of journalists and NGO workers and found himself surrounded by tourists enjoying luxury holidays. Yeah it was a surreal thing to see. I guess you know one minute your sitting in a luxury cruise cruiseliner watching people eat there looks to as the next minute. You're out there looking speaking to people who've lost absolutely everything. The Bahamas is a popular destination is nation for cruise ships. It's golden sandy beaches led to it being described by a NASA astronaut as the most beautiful place from space tonight. A desperate rush in the Bahamas or thousands are stranded on the island of Avocado and Brand Bahama but now a recovery recovery effort is underway at least fifty people have died and thousands still missing with rescue is hunting under rubble for signs of life as as you have managed to survive have lost everything while they're left with is questions about how to rebuild their lives in a world where the woman climate mean storms like this a certain and to get was from the Guardian. I'm Rachel Humphries today. InFocus reporting from the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

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