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Jan Adams told several people about the ghost of Mrs Hull. She described her as a woman in white sad but ultimately benign according to her. The Pale woman never left the bedroom so it was easy to keep her away from the more nervous residents of the house. But it's rumored that a pitcher of water was still left on the threshold just in case though. She appears disinterested in interfering with the affairs of the living. She is known to watch people closely both from her open door and the edge of the bed when guests are sleeping coming up. We explore a whole houses. Most sinister supernatural story a dark and demonic secret hidden in the attic. Now back to the story Jane addams almost casual accommodation of the ghost of Mrs Hall cemented her reputation as a force of calm. A problem solver. It's no wonder then that the influential reformer would become a legend of her own among Chicago's Italian and Jewish immigrants. The rumors of whole houses haunted addict persisted in those communities and the residents soon found themselves having to turn away several visitors a day when they admitted they only wanted to see the attic. The visitors said that they heard that Jane Addams had gone a bit too far in her charity. She had taken in a demon baby. Confining him to the highest floor of the House the more. The residents denied the assertion more powerful. It became visitors to the home. Said that they'd seen the unfortunate child themselves barely living to tell the tale nearly everyone who crossed the of Hull House carried a heaviness about their shoulders. They struggle to meet. Your is the first time it cost them a great deal to be here asking help in a world that had given them so little Sarah was used to coaxing them into the building slowly using accepting language and approaching with caution. She kept her demeanor as Kalman. Open as she could. The settlement was not charity. She liked to say it's a home and we want to welcome you to it. The woman on the other side of the door looked almost feral young two young Horizon Worldwide. Dousing wildly to the left at that right. Her clothes were torn. Trails of dried blood traced every crease in her skin her scalp shown through in different spots of her head were her hair had been torn out. Had she not been trained by Jane addams herself? Sarah would have gone straight for the police. Gene had taught her to ask first so she ventured a hello and gentle offer of help. But the woman. Lena didn't want help. She wanted one thing her child. Sarah asks the woman to come with her into the house. Lena greed dragging her snow covered feet out of the Chicago night and over the threshold. Sarah Escorted Lena to the sitting room. She kept a benign smile in place as she led Lena to their daycare center were a few of the little one's still waited for their parents. The children's stared blankly when she walked into the room bewildered. Sarah drew the nervous woman back out into the hall. She demanded an explanation. Was Lena's child supposed to be here? Lena's reply was barely a whisper. She said there was something wrong with her husband. He had once been a prince among men leaving a trail of good fortune behind him but struggling to find work at hardened him he grew callous. Enjoyed hurting people for her neighbors had suggested that he'd been possessed. She hadn't believed them but a thump accompanied the way he walked now. He said he'd been hurt at the factory but the neighbors thought his feet had become hubs. He stopped going to church it. They're convinced that God had abandoned them in their time of need. She wanted to ask him who. He Clung to now for faith but the hardness in his eyes had scared her still. She did she. Must Women must honor their husbands after all and she wanted to be a good wife where he was course she was soft or he was rude. She was kind. It took a toll on her. She wasn't sleeping. They couldn't afford to eat anymore. She fainted at work several times. Her boss was starting to talk her pay but came the pains sharp knives dabbing through her abdomen. They lasted for months. She would wake in the night to the strange feeling of tiny footsteps inside her stomach several times that kicked so hard but she thought it would break through the skin this child forcing itself into the world prematurely mercifully the Labor was quick. She waited for the cries but her too harsh screeching sound instead. When she took him into her arms his skin felt strange. Her child was covered in orange scales. Sharp and warm like Kohl's. His eyes were bright red. Eddie smelled like smoke. Shadows sprouted from his back. It couldn't be wings. Her husband ripped the baby out of her arms. She screamed and protested but he pushed her away. She never saw her baby again but she heard whispers from her family members. All Children of the devil or brought to Hull House. Sarah had never heard of a devil child being brought into the house or any child being brought into the House to stay permanently what? She didn't want to contradict Lena. It was clearly very real to her. Lena wanted to see the attic. The whispers said that Hull House kept its demons on the top floor. The young woman stared at the key around Sara's neck. She whispered but she was prepared to do what she must reach it. Syra calmly explained that. There were no locks on the third floor and guided. Lena slowly up the stairs. The woman overtook her. Only flop rushing forward calling for her child. Sarah followed cautiously. She could see large bruises. Blooming across the back the woman's neck the remnants of a strong cruel grip. Sarah had heard other stories of men who were secretly beasts women that hid their witches brooms and closets children who had been haunted by monsters in disguise. It was a way of putting veil between them and the horrors they'd seen monsters after all were easy. Twenty stand easy to kill if you knew their weakness black and white good and evil. They made a terrifying world makes sense. There was no demon baby in the attic but what Lena might learn. There could be worse. Lena lost her grip on the stairs. Sarah Carter asking if she was sure she wanted to continue. Lena's dark eyebrows rose. But she was resolute. She gently pushed away from Sarah and continued to ascend the stairs. Sarah opened the door wincing. S IT CREEK. Moonlights spilled in through the loan window attic. The air smell faintly of the mold and ash from an ancient fire. Lena sniff dare and proclaimed that her son had been there when Sarah turned back she saw figure hunched in the corner. She felt her breath catching or thrown. It looked almost human curve Ted and a squad body. Her eyes remained on it as it dwindled. Back INTO THE SHADOWS. Serious heart raced. She couldn't move is fixed dark waiting for that horrible shape to reappear. She slowed her breathing. Telling yourself to remain calm. She was made of sterner stuff than this but then something flew out her face. The two women screamed dropping to the floor as a dark shape moved over their heads. Something slammed into the window smashing through the glass and out into the Chicago night. All was quiet again Sarah and listened to the stillness of the night breathless relieved but fearful that some thing would break the silence again. She made her way over ten. Lena on trembling legs drawing her to her chest. The woman came to life in her arms thrashing and sobbing banging your fists against the wooden floors. Sarah released her but state close placing a gentle hand on her back. Lena's movement started to still but she continued screaming. She could not stop herself. Finally she was quiet. Lena pulled herself up slowly. Clutching closed fist chest. At first Sarah worried that she injured herself in some way. But as Lena's fingers slowly parted Sarah understood there in her hand was a clump of black feathers and glittering orange scales. The story of the devil baby of Hall House has several versions to match the various ethnic and demographic groups telling the story in the Italian version. A cruel husband damages is pregnant whites portrait of the Persian. Mary saying he preferred to have the devil in the house over a depiction of the blessed mother. The couple is then of course punished with a horned and constantly cursing child who they offer Jane Addams Center staff for Safekeeping in the Jewish version. A man with six daughters tells his pregnant wife that he'd rather have a devil in the house that another little girl. His wishes granted and the desperate couple takes the child to whole house. The story appears to derive from old wives. Tales brought over from the old world by hall houses Clientele and the early rumors of the potentially haunted attic. There's no substantiation of disfigured or disabled child being hidden away in the top floor of the settlement house. This didn't stop many citizens of Chicago from knocking on the door of the aid organization demanding.

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