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Richards proportions. Always a problem every day, but the weapon down of the money on the counter, I'm out. I mean. Like this. Every single dollar bed is settled in my house still. Blunk out. And this is really like peak seinfeld's, this is before framer started bursting into the apartment, and then there was like three and a half minutes of. Knows. Yeah. This is before this is with lanes old hair. And like right after she right after she changes, her style is sort of when it goes a little bit downhill. With some exceptions. I mean, I Mike cannon thing is like did. I wanted just roll over into the next episode, and I did. But point is we'll take in like, I feel like we all live with this Joe twenty twenty five years ago. Like, we knew every episode, and when it was coming up to the dally, we were all reading the pieces and the rankings and Entertainment Weekly and all that stuff. I don't know if that s- like there's a whole new generation watching friends, but I don't know if that's true of Seinfeld. And there are parts of this that are a little bit. Skills and Augie, but I still think is canonical episode. And I was shocked to see not just that. This was an in the canon like I did check. But we haven't put a Seinfeld in since Mark one. Yeah. So that's and only two of them. But this is one of the I think I two or three that anyone thinks of and yeah, there's some there's some little problems with it. But I think the economical presentation is pretty much right on though. It's probably a yes for me. But I'm interested to hear what the rest of the panel thing start. I I agree with you. And in terms of like, can we still like it knowing what we know now in terms of like sexual agency. And so on like, I feel like you kind of have to watch this like you would like we when we watch, you know, barn. Any miller? Like this episode is twenty six years old. Like, it's you know, the the show. Way we're four forever young. I know but. But. Retelling? I watched friends every day. Those are those episodes are around, you know, the the early on that old too. So, you know, I it's just funny like Carolina's, right? It's the the euphemisms for masturbation are actually clever like it was smart how they got around it too. In terms of that alone. I feel like it's an important TV document of its time and the way the contrast is she knows with like cutting to the various contest participants. Happily sleeping after they've dropped out versus Jerry, George like barking at each other apartment, mid contests. Like, I get on the outside. Love at Gerry threatening to go across the street until the women to closer blinds. You know, it's it's a it's very funny. Sarah's right about Kramer that a little of him goes a long way. And he is not in this episode very much, which I think is a positive and also it comes in the middle of what is for sure the show's strongest and most innovative season, which was the one where there making the pilot. And so even in the middle of all of that without having really much to do with the TV stuff except for a reference when George trying to watch the lesbian shadow Pepe. And I had forgotten. I forgot that the callback to it was with the the male nurse and male patient was not in this episode. So thank you for that reminder too. That's also funny note this. I don't know how to say this is like a classic moment of television. So for me for sure this is canon worthy. Dave. So I think the whole like naked woman across the street thing. I got the impression that was basically the same deal as. The friends naked dude, go was naked, man. Like, I got the oppression that they had set up basically their own little Duda to speech in front of the window. And they were just walking around, and they didn't give a shit and York. So when you walk around your window naked? So be it you're going to people leering I didn't really feel like that age poorly at all like I feel like that is kinda shit. That's still happens. If it's okay in France. It's okay here. I feel like it's on the.

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