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Thompson here and welcome the guy who finished as runner up for America's got talent season eight that is so cool comedian will be playing at the improv in San Jose tomorrow night please welcome Taylor William said yeah and you have the one for the clapping yeah listeners at home clapping I know you're clapping Albert was supposed to hit our canned clapping but I guess my Infor wasn't clear enough to Albert but we are excited thank you that's what would be very good hi makes I'm more excited to be here then you are at Lee you I watched you like I've watched you for years and years and years I listen to you for years and years on you email me hate magic what's the backstory on all right so Johnson we've never talked to John no I was the voice of savvy thing yeah but I among those things secrets of magic revealed that's for your time I was like this is so dumb yeah but but but what's the irony of that is that Hey I'm a huge fan of magic and also after those special started airing magician started booking much bigger gigs and get much for your money yeah it was action because the truth is that in magic not that we are planning on talking about this is because we started this failed to spend in magic it's really all about presentation and you can hide many of the tricks in presentation and other stuff in other words it's the blender of stuff that's going on it's not just the one thing so even knowing how something is done sometimes it's buried a bunch of other stuff and you can't really tell exactly what's going on sure so anyway magicians did really well after those special started airing but they weren't happy thousand say they did you get like death threats and things like that I got an email and then we'll move on I wonder what you thought I got one of the worst in this the reason I remembered so center fox was sent on to me said and I get an eight by ten autograph picture of was it can I get an eight by ten picture of mark Thompson to put in the urinal he magic club so that way so that we can all of us magicians can pee all over his face well known yeah did you send it I said I said I was sent back I said please say Mister Thompson sending along the the eight by ten and he has taken the liberty of already starting to piece show that there was that but you're right there was a little diversion in my in my voice over her but you're right I've got blamed because I everybody else took pseudonyms on that show that's why they knew me but they know anybody else all we want to claim it and that was a huge hit and then everybody was claiming it say it but it's interesting that you Brian magic's a different level and expose it to people who just a help ticket sales yeah interests again one of those things that you know you think it's gonna hurt something and actually help something it's like like the free downloads of music sometimes and force but it turns out more people are downloading is gonna before and buying more music than ever before not talk about terror Williams and now you're playing at the San Jose improv tomorrow night yeah but your this is just a one nighter coming in yeah I'm I'm I'm very famous they want to make a whole weekend are you laughing when I say that what is that it's not good if you laugh I just wanted to hear someone say I'm very fair Ave yeah hi now I see why you're laughing yeah I see but I'm very very famous and I was like I want to drive up for Thursday and all the Thursday and leave I don't stay for a weekend no no kind of those your desired why would you want to stay in one of the most beautiful areas in the world for the weekend you you just want to hit the San Jose improv and move on yeah so take us through what is it I would think the holidays for a comedian and then I want talk about America's got talent yeah but are they busy or you like working a lot of gigs you have like a new year's eve gig and that kind of thing yeah I I was in Chicago this weekend doing some shows in our holidays are funny for commuting is it's either like it's sold out because it's a holiday early and went to town or it's like it's empty no one's in town you know there's always an excuse for it gets resolved everything I got I've had sold out thanksgiving of anti thanksgiving day with a mother's day and so I fun this weekend in Chicago area and then new year's eve I'm doing Abbas in Dallas Texas and this is a fake meeting it's a good pay day and new year's eve shows pay well yeah it's even though they say over my my comic Powell say that sometimes it's people are you know oftentimes they're not paying attention and you know you admit not you lose some you got to get him back type all its name and found out I think they need to calm the after the countdown everyone's like there to wasted already they hate everyone hates each other I did new year's eve a few years ago in Raleigh North Carolina and they had me do three shows have like seven nine eleven you just performing for like junk children basically like it's just like they're out of control and then after the countdown everyone kisses Evans party in many like okay so but anyways back to my jokes labradoodle so we're there like we have none of us I don't want to be there and they don't want to be there like I don't know it's a major but but it's great I mean it's sort of like I would think among the crown jewels of of of your comedy calendar to have a gig on new year's eve can also not motion only by it check yep my career standpoint you have to do and then you do the if then you just feel like an idiot or like the early show there's like a seven or eight o'clock show and then like you do like a mock countdown because they give their rates and everyone's and they pay a little bit more because they get like champagne or something and you do like these because the cat that whatever other people I mean just silly and and now I'm I have I hope no one's listening in Dallas no I'm sure it'll be I can't wait I love Dallas and new year's eve and performing at comedy clubs that would so America's got talent yeah how does that work so you cut you go on and you auditioned given to get on the show right yeah I do comedy for ten years and people don't know people though as soon as the other people come see me the like I've been a fan since day one and then I get like mad at my house I I don't think you're his great my T. like the one was two thousand three no one knows that better comedian and that yeah I I did should be like a pre audition so you go like a cattle call thing and that's what I mean is in that intimidating or else horrible it's honestly I I adore every way over that the show but I it's a nightmare humiliating not humility may it's embarrassing because you're being judged by a producer in the room and the and I Khalkhal situation and it's just one guy who decides if he if he thinks he where they go in the next hour and how much time do you get in that in that first situation of the producer about you reading you it's like ninety seconds is what they're seeing a million people and most people are crazy an awful sure honestly and that and I'm not saying I'm not one of those people but a rubber you're crazy awful and funny things sometimes but some people think I'm a lot of people think I'm horrible bay in this business and life and dating whatever a million people can think that you stock but the one person is into it and then you have whatever and that's a bikers been like at all these rejections led to me being so that's where I was like I was at a point where I had zero dollars my bank account for the first time in my mom who's not rich like let me money like two thousand dollars I credit and the deal is that I get on the show I'm gonna pay you back I made I'm gonna get a job for the first time seven a professional club professional committees as I was eighteen by I've been poor support for a you know sure it's right off that's a really tough way to make a living I got to zero did you it did you ever hear back yes you may appear back was leave bothered me actually talked about that I was like what if the pay you back again is a nice the moment our lives but like and are you my mom or what right you're my mom I still think she should pay my bills honestly yeah I honestly I I've had this conversation she disagreed with me by so it has not worked out the way but they keep giving me money and then I'm trying to become really rich I am at that happens one day then I will buy you a house right is your investment is to be yeah and by her by her paying your bills you're able to stockpile more money to become wealthy then eventually some day yeah it's a whole transaction and then there's no guilt you can't buy me a house of my god knows a guy help pay for this house I've actually she Friday from pay for the whole house and then got deleted on the the world of America's got talent and pass that initial round you you you audition for the producer then you go on to you're still not on the show or you or once you vote is in the Persian goes yeah you're good for the show that are you on so there's a from my experience I don't know if they change a little bit by its fight it's essentially this I think American idol analyst does the same kind of thing but is this a comical thing and are you a I was there for like seven hours the homeland might and then I looking for one for you Sir guy and I did last comic standing so I kind of get the stake of what they're looking for and how to play that out anyone a character who happens to be have some talent you know that's right it's not enough just to be funny to have the jokes you need that's interesting you need to remember the other part yeah it's almost like getting on a game show you're going to go all my god I'm so excited to be here yeah that that would however that translates into your world so yeah so I I mean I'm this is an on bears he was like I don't know I've I've said this state that I did when I walked in there as I did did bits I threw in jokes in but before I started my jokes right I was.

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