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Cross want to bring forward some witnesses that did not testify during the hell's process and that would include the acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney the former national security adviser here John Bolton and some of their top aides they did not testify in the house because of course the White House was blocking them from doing so this is essentially the Democrats trying to say to Republicans let's go she let's try and talk about how this process can play out but it's Republicans who will control the process in the Senate must like we saw the Democrats do in the house yes the gas is not happy about that she should sure instead of talking to me he spoke publicly about what our trial may look like and said he was taking his cues from the White House it was very partisan very slanted very unfair very unfair it's not fair not fair there so McConnell once Golden be better was Michael but whatever we'll go with this guy and I don't think hold really wants to do it like here's the thing he won't say no if you force him he'll gladly come but he's not going to be the first to make a move right and I don't know if he's gonna spill anything that would be really detrimental or not right they had a contentious relationship at times but other times of the day minded each other so you don't know right with bold bold maybe maybe he is I am very funny yes fully crap so they want him they want Michael Duffy so C. director for national security office of management and budget and Robert Blair see your visor to Mick Mulvaney Mick Mulvaney himself now will that happen probably not because why well because the control is in whose hands this time it's now in make your baby's hats and Mitch maybe say you know what what I have already told you will get we're gonna do this right where are you guys you were going to do this we're gonna do we've heard enough we know what we're all voting we're gonna roll with this way we're gonna go over the evidence is already represented in both committees in the house and then we're gonna vote maybe we'll call one or two but outside of that we're not gonna do anything spectacular we're not going to turn this into a month long trial this is what it is she guys his have to deal with it that's how I know but that's what he says he wants to do for trial I think trump would be fine with that stupid you guys want to bring all these people great if they're going to come go ahead by the way we're gonna bring in fighting we're gonna bring in a son we're gonna bring a potentially people from very small right we're gonna bring in Adam Schiff we're gonna bring in several other people so are you prepared for that and all this because they want to see if they can sway public opinion and they're not going to sway it doesn't matter the public's opinion this made up and very little of it has to do with truth on either side most of it has to do with the stain on the other side for the people they're coming for trump over the people that are protecting trop that's the reality three two three five three twenty four twenty three ads have been to show your Twitter feel free to tweet at me and and no matter how much I I try to tell people this one of the big things that this is about long term is that court Scotus right they could be hearing a bunch of stuff next year some of the pertains directly with the president they did rule on something today almost people who sleep on sidewalks or other public spaces cannot be prosecuted for a crime that is with the nation's top justices decided by leaving in place a lower court ruling the case stemmed from a Boise Idaho ordinance that made it a crime if someone was homeless and they slept on the street when no alternative shelter is available an appeals court ruled that the ordinance which find in jail the homeless violated the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment the justices without comment or dissent decided to not hear the case leaving in place that ruling it impacts several western states struggling with homelessness a result of increasing housing costs in income inequality which is not even a quarter of the story but I think we know that right like there are people out there that are living in areas that they should be living in because they can no longer afford it and they're stuck between a rock and a hard place let's not pretend that that's not real other people out there that are trying and they're playing catch up and in the struggle but the majority of what we're talking about those people sleeping on the sidewalks and a lot of what's happening it it's the in places like Portland in places like San Francisco Los Angeles Seattle we're dealing with drugs and mental illness and does city still left the answer the question of what the hell you guys gonna do Los Angeles on a billion dollars at it and you've created what more homeless people right you think you you've also told everybody that comes here don't worry no matter what you do you wanna crap on the sidewalk go ahead right you want to shoot up in front of people knock yourself out you want to steal from cars it's okay as long as under a grand nobody cares we're not going to prosecute you we've allowed this to go on and by saying too many of these cities Hey go ahead you know we're gonna show you how compassion we are all you're doing is making it worse that's not compassion right that's a compassionate all you're not helping them at all you making it worse and you may get worse for the taxpayers and the people they have to fight with I grew up in in in Long Beach in the LA area it is what it is now is just awful in certain areas this park I used to go play soccer out right across from beach I wouldn't go there at all anymore it is so nasty and it's not a single father down and out honest look it's not it is not that it's not a it's not a mom who's escaping something you know it's it's it's not that it's not a family that's that's just in over their head they've had some bad luck and then you offer many of these people they're out there the opportunity to have certain spaces Hey you can move in here you can do this but there's rules and you know what they don't want they don't want rules attached to them are there people that are out there they're struggling yes we all know that they want a hand up in an opportunity but there are too many people out there in these areas they're addicted to drugs and they have mental illness sometime it's because of the drugs have mental illness and sometimes it is the fact that they've had metals for a long time and they're no longer treating it and now it is so far out of whack sad but true three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Javits shows your Twitter feel free to tweet that made this needs to be looked at I'm not gonna lie idea it was disturbing to say the least and you ask yourself what in god's name were you thinking west point says during the army navy football game some cadets in some mid.

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