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You know she does not necessarily do it them what i would want my home where specifically you know she like their big thing is like everything like their whole styles like farmhouse style with like is not really my thing because i you know georgia i love town houses in town basically like i won't like you know some molding and some you know like a little small yard in finds make some of kelly's repeat she literally grew up in a swamp right yeah that's like me being rude swamp from a ball in georgia literally grew up like the river was like thirty feet into the front yard and like sometimes the house would like the yard would flood and one time very memorably the house flooded and obviously like i love my parents house and everything my taste is like i'm much more you know an eccentric like english country garden type of my parents eternal toward you you like a townhouse what if we had like i'm just like that i was annoying child who was like but what if we had our rose garden with labyrinths like absolutely agreed what if we had a crumbling stonewall you wanted regarded and you know joystick joanna gaines this whole thing is like farmhouse chic and i see i see a barn and so the like you know take something that obviously should be a craftsman bungalow and i'm like oh art deco style and then she'll put ship lap in it and i'm like that's literally literally bar like any barn like i could walk into any field in rural georgia and like look one way look the other way and find a tobacco barn look like that if you painted it white so that's my like waiting craftsman actually makes me wanna barf she has i just watched an episode last night from the current season which is ending their final season i should say it's ending because all i mean obviously show like this could go on until we all die but she's pregnant with their fifth child which is insane to me.

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