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Anytime and check out the latest Jersey news fast traffic instant whether to download our free New Jersey one A 1.5 AP today and on the way in, I was pleasantly surprised to see gas prices are down a little bit too. 07 around the corner from the radio station. I like that. I wish I needed gas, but my tank was pretty full. Darn the luck. Let's see how much you're going to use on the roads. It's New Jersey. Past traffic looks like better news in Wall Township on Route 1 38 They just throw it away, and he's found crashed between the Garden State Parkway and Route 18. So the earlier slowdown of all these doubts And 1 38 in pretty good shape from Wall Township out towards Belmar through Bill Maher a little bit slow on Route 35. Some bunching up by each street and some slow spots here and there on Ocean Avenue through parts of Belmar, too elsewhere on Ocean Avenue, still a bit slow in sea bright both ways by the sea Bright bridge. And you'll find some pockets of slow traffic on Route 36 has got a long branch back out towards Eatontown. Now the Garden State Parkway through Eatontown, North bound local wings. Just after 105 You've still got a lane shut down for a vehicle fire being tended to, But apart from that parkway looks pretty good. If you're headed back up from Ocean and Mama's County, so I threw Monmouth County just want to stick with those express lanes for the time being and on the turnpike, South bound truck lanes right around exit A. You've still got a lane shut down for an overturned vehicle being cleared away pretty good shape of the crossings Tonight, I still see no delays, leaving New Jersey at the Hudson or Delaware River Traffic every 15 minutes. Next reports at 7 33 from the Plymouth Rock Traffic Desk. I'm Jeff from on New Jersey one a 1.5 and traffic made possible by Plymouth Rock Assurance this summer with Weekend Beach and get away traffic on the rise. Plymouth Rock Insurance. I want you to get home safe. Stay focused, cool and get there safely. You can save over $581 on your car insurance.

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