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From home back to school and then from home again. She made time for each her kids individually just to visit and share. She loves teaching. She said up backdrops to make her bedroom slash. Google classroom look like a real classroom video after video of her reading books to our kids and during the covert world. Her husband of forty years was diagnosed with stage for so a sophist cancer chemo. Immunotherapy scans travel more scans fatigue the waiting but she's the most upbeat positive person i've ever known she's been through lifestyle and she always says. Hey you gotta find the bright side. She deserves a bright side. Congratulations martinez screw. Are you don't like don't you just feel like a big winey baby when you listen seriously we see the signing some strokes during this period heaven just absolute heroes so our next winter was nominated by rachel henke. The teacher's name is jessica apple and rachel writes. This is my son's teacher from the twenty twenty one school year lester. My children learned online separate from students. Who went to in person. School determined to keep my son involved with his classmates who dearly missed miss apple went above and beyond she frequently delivered items like books and materials for stem projects. Right to our door. She called to check in with us every week. She organized her students to write birthday cards from my son's half birthday in december. Since he has a summer birthday she made sure to include him in every possible. Way which wasn't required to do miss apple is a special teacher who teaches her. Kids skills tab a growth mindset. That helps them get through difficult tasks and assignments not only. Is she a great fourth grade teacher. She's also the assistant theater director at the high school. Minneapolis extra special to me. She was one of my students when i started teaching. It's been such her name. She's a teacher and her name is miss. You know what else she's teaching. She's teaching kids to be thoughtful to other people. Here's a kid. That's got a birthday in july. And mrs apple is tracking the birthdays and having kids right birthday cards to the kid who never has a birthday celebration. Because it's during the summer that is that is really teaching thoughtfulness. She's teaching kindness. He no so congratulations. Miss apple our next winter was nominated by meredith hin camp. The teacher's name is genie weston. She said i've been in college for a few years. As forty five year old adult and my biggest reason for not being able to move forward was my inability to pass algebra no matter how many times i took it. I the same results failing during my one last time to take it. My professor saw how much work. I was putting in and still not getting anywhere. She recommended a class taught by jeannie weston at lake superior college and adult education class that went back to basics when i say basics i mean learning to add subtract multiply divide schwantz every student to learn how wipe things were done and develop that routine and she did it with respect for each student. Making every student feel amazing. Genie stated in in the beginning that no one failed her class and she'd be right with me till the end. Of course. I was filled with doubt during the semester. I was proven wrong. I not only pastor class. I understood the material and had fun. Never would. I thought it was possible from there on. I went and passed my first algebra class in at my age it was so overwhelming it was a milestone. I didn't think i'd see. I've been pretty lucky with my employment and health care. And i own my own dog grooming business passing. That class was a huge accomplishment. And i owe it all to genie weston my hero. She teaches at lake superior. College in duluth minnesota. Where was that class when you and i were in middle school boy. No kidding. Our final winner was nominated by sandy. Ryoko and the teacher's name is ivory coleman. Mr coleman is the dean of the math department at queens grant high school. he's fantastic. All the students loved him cares about each and every one he actually gives them his cell phone number and tells him they can text him with math questions at anytime. He checks in with students to see how they're doing in their other classes. If he sees grades are slipping. He talks with the student to find out. Something else is going on in their life. That needs attention. He makes sure that all students get praised and feedback. Not just the ones in the top percent of the class if that student is struggling. Mr coleman helps make a plan of action. Rarely raises his voice. He soft-spoken manners of bombed so many distress students and no student goes hunger with him on campus. He always brings extra food for kids. Who need it is a teacher. Mr coleman is a teacher a father a grandfather and a mentor. He goes to sports games. That our students are in always having to travel. Because we don't have a gem. He didn't start out as a teacher worked at ibm. For thirty years developing nuclear submarines and that technology but he decided to have a second career as teacher and every june. He plays the piano at graduation guiding his kids as they walked to his graduation mark and beams with pride lot of teachers. Common gone at queens at queens grant high school but no one's made a bigger impact on students than ivory. Coleman were so lucky to have mr coleman we want. Everyone upgrade his congratulations to all of our teachers. And if you have a child in school whether it's kindergarten or grad school take a moment today to thank a teacher. It's looking out for your kid. As though he or she were their own. This is bob and sheri. Bob and sheri live tonight at seven. Pm eastern tonight. Lie on the bob and sheri facebook page. Welcome to all. Welcome to the bob and sheri show currently the only business in america. Not hiring that is the truth not the truth. I can't believe that you just said that. Because this morning while i was eating breakfast i read an article on inks website about the great resignation listened to this april may and june of this year. Eleven and a half million workers quit their job. Okay wait wait. And about half of the people in america who have a job are looking for another job is called a horde. It's called the great resignation. And the wouldn't people i mean that's that's so social upheaval. Real yeah and it has to do with Bernau according to the in. Which if you want i can post this on our facebook so everybody can go look at it but it has to do with. Workers feeling burned out and exhausted. It's not that they're just looking for more pay or more time off their questioning. Like the whole point of wire my grinding myself into the ground because this my life is this what i'm gonna be for life and so the article talks about like if that's the case if half of all people with jobs are looking for a new job and eleven and a half million people just said take this job and shove it. I'm out of here. What do you do to get people to stick around. You remember that post. I i that post that i told you about where some some guy said if you work long long hours skip vacations miss family time and work really really hard. You can end up like me. A mid level manager at state farm as a fine company. nothing against that but Sometimes you know the payoff is not what you thought it would be. I read in the wall street journal. They did an article about What's it like going back to the office because some places are encouraging employees. Despite this terrible second The virus that's sweeping. The nation are encouraged people to come back if they can in this one office i guess they had about thirty employees and they said not everybody is going to come back but we have core people that need to come back. And there's about ten of them and They spoke to these people about how they felt after a year and a half going back into the office and they were very tentative. And you hear the same things. I didn't know if i could interact as well. Socially i felt awkward Just speaking to people they said i had to get used to the fact that there is a view the device that looks like a roomba that goes throughout the office all day. Long to try to keep it sanitized. I had to get used to sanitizing my desk before. I left for the night and one person said somebody came in the second day and brought a box of dunkin donuts and.

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