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Urging the release of documents related to the case saying they are just as important as witnesses as millions of Americans embark on their holiday travel heavy rain is wreaking how they can parts of the south and here is Debbie Elliot reports flood watches and warnings are in effect for parts of Louisiana Alabama Georgia and South Carolina flooding stranded motorist and closed roads in Charleston South Carolina where forecasters say a combination of coastal high tides and torrential rainfall caused flash floods the city is using pumps to help clear the water in Atlanta several trees were down due to the wet soil and high winds blocking roadways the heavy rain in Florida because flight delays and cancellations at the fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport forecasters say creeks and streams are on the rise across the region Debbie Elliot NPR news stocks are starting the holiday week off with gains at last check the Dow up a hundred and fourteen points the S. and P. five hundred gains for and the nasdaq composite up twenty five this is NPR news and you're listening to W. NYC in New York I'm Jamie Floyd the newly elected at queens district attorney is promising a big shake up when she takes office Melinda Katz told W. N. Y. C.'s Brian Lehrer she's planning to replace most of the current executive staff to ensure they support her reformist policies.

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