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Fourth play from scrimmage after a thirty two yard catch by Nebraska Morgan made a really nice play on the third play of the game for Nebraska, but in the fourth play. The defense to play the game is Lawrence Marshall making a play Josh Mattel's making a play. And it's a great recovery by the defense the defensive play the game brought to you by the read law group. The pass is intercepted intended. The line of scrimmage and Michigan gets the turnover. Josh Mattel us his second. Intersection in two weeks. Ball tipped at the line of scrimmage as they tried to get the playoff early and Martinez. Ball was tipped Mattel. Serena underneath it and makes the pick. The wolverines haven't first and ten from their own thirty six yard line. You heard that from brainy? It was a quick trip to the line. I mean, obviously plays quick. But they didn't have that slow slow look over the sideline. Get a check. They went right to the line and tried to run a play Lawrence Marshall gets his mid up in the sky up in the air. And that bats the ball Mattel's for covers catches it. Interception for the wolverines. And that brings us to the drive of the game. Right. So right after that Nebraska turnover. This you can get the ball for the first time of the game. And this is the drive of the game for many reasons the first of which is they opened the game with the play action pass and people have just for two three weeks. Now, they can't open the game with the rump. They can't open became with the rump. Play. And we talked about using the run a set at the pass is not just setting up the using the run pass in the second. Quarter or the third quarter of the fourth quarter. It's also when using the first couple of games to create Tennessee for say the fourth game of the year and it worked, although it was actually pretty well defended was a check downplay Michigan got seven yards, but then the big run and the office got going. It was the debut eighth for Beijing. With Ben Mason at tailback. Michigan goes on a six place sixty four yard drive that covers two minutes and fifty six seconds. And Ben Mason brings him in to give them a seven nothing lead. First and goal, but give it to Mason..

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