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I don't want him to few like whenever we're talking. I'm trying to find things for my show. It's a weird you know. What i'm saying is a bit of balancing act right so it's like we have conversation that i don't wanna always say. I think you're dana white in the afc. You're hopeful that that's with how she wants to do. But like i said last week if habibur mega metal gives his word generally. That's that's that's a fact not what i'd be surprised with the economic impact that a fight that he could have with would bring that would bring him back. No mean and i will not judge them for that if he came back. He's thirty two years old. For god's sake any can still be everybody in the world so But there are things that if he says it's his word i take him at. That can ask you this. I don't want you to reveal. Because i was thinking about that. Especially when you you told the story last week about you know him. Not going for the armed bargains gates. You which by the way ended up blowing up and and got the show everywhere. So i thank you for that but i know that he's your friend too. I mean to be honest. i've had to deal with with you over the years. Like you have told me things and and and i don't reveal them on every show that i go on so i respect that very much. Can i just ask a week later. Have you soften your stance like at this point. Is you still think he's done. I still i like. I said i know how to be a man of his word and i believe that if he says he's done he's done but like i said dana white knows more than i do because i'm not trying to talk to even at way we're we're we want to talk as friends read. I spoke to him about one of the guys from aka being out in dagestan training. For a long time i was like. When did he go so we talked about that. We talked about our family. We talked about how life has been since he went home. That's it. That's the stuff that i wanna talk to him about more than always How's the fight because guess what for eight years we did that. A lot of our conversation centered around winner. next title. defense are wgr next title defense. Now it's easy to retire guys. I wanna talk to about golf. I'll go things like that. Golf actually he didn't answer me. Never responded on the golfing. It'd be interesting but okay. so what about. What about this dana white said. They're not taking the belt away that he still the champ on right. I think that's smart. That's smart in that speaks to the value that habib as in again. It's so hard to discuss these things because you almost end up like insulting people. When you don't want to henry. Suharto said he was done the same night. The announced somebody for that like henry get out of the way. Are you sure it is that you don't do. That's a hobby. Their mega medoff. You sit and hope you wait you sit and wait in hope. Like they said he was very emotional world. You could see it. It all came out of him so you sit in you wait in you. Hope that the stance changes and you do get that thirty fight. The truth is they don't have to make a decision right now. Heck didn't even have to make a decision until january like the the real time to make a decision january. You can wait till next summer after. I'm saying if you wanna make connor verses poor air next fight for the belt that's when you probably have to decide and if that one isn't for the you're probably not going to do it for another title for a year right like you probably just going to wait a year but reality. Is this deal right with the way things have gone right with the pandemic and everything huckabee was gonna fight in april but he didn't fight until october didn't nobody was yelling. Take the belt from him. You know what i'm saying like so you got time in regards to how be new mega metal and if you if push comes to shove he needs more time. Create another intro died in indonesia's Gabby like that's exactly what's happened. The last couple of times right as he was hurt recovering couple years ago. Dustin max fought for the championship. He fought dustin be dusted. This year fight got cancelled because of the pandemic. Tony adjusted fought for the intertidal. He'd be just and so like if push comes to solve you know in you know for me. Everybody hates the interim championship with me. Because i believe such a big star when that guy becomes interim champ dusted create. He made more money than you'll ever make. Because now he shares on the pay per view just engaging made more money to ever make now he shares on the pay per view as a belt holder. So i'm all for if they do that. you know. those guys are getting money. I just think it's hilarious. How quickly they took the belt away from henry and even john jones we also all thought that that was that was a negotiating ploy right like everybody thought. That was a negotiating point for henry in. Nobody thought that's being there. Mega medoff was doing everybody thought. Wow we didn't see this coming so this must be real in. I believe it is so now. We're gonna try to see what happens with the whole week. We're deciding okay is going to be a tournament is going to be this. Meanwhile they're like yeah. You could take all the time you want. We respect you. We respect your decision. We hope that you come back and And here we have conner. Emporia getting ready to fight. Conor says one fifty five so that is good news. Although dana white told the media he thinks it's done dc. I'm here to tell you it's not done. It's not signed. There are no bout agreements. I wonder if i'm again. I think you said last week. If i'm pori i'm starting to get a little bit nervous. Try to pull the switcheroo and do connor versus gay. Ci right and make that a number one contender. Five or even an interim title for reich is yes imagine. Could you imagine if mcgregor gets a hold of the interim championship in now you go to. How beaming go. Hey you know. I told her abu dhabi. You mcgregor again. Oh god the money because now you have be walked away and you could say i will more. There's a good chance you'll probably get more because that's a home run. It's a homerun unit. Mcgregor so i. I don't know but if anybody gets and i'm starting to get worried about that because of used do the switcheroo last week. I put conroe..

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