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People or and people who just can't get to sleep or is it just variations at the same thing. I mean i think it's variations of the same thing you know people All of us have sleep disturbance for a lot of different reasons. I think one of the most common reasons that we have sleep disturbance is that when we lay down pillow. we haven't shuttle brainstorm. We were just looking at social media. We were just watching the news. We went to bed and before he includes rise. We're thinking about the thirty things that we have from today and we're going to do tomorrow. It's hard to fall asleep in that manner. It's also hard to stay asleep in that matter. That's why we really advocate for individuals taking an hour or two actually shutdown before they get a bad your media consumption actually reduce extra stimuli Really think about asleep routine and you know. The beauty of the com sleep stories is that they allow you to actually take millions of things that are racing through your mind and replace them with something that soothing a story a storyline in a theme. That really hopefully sleep now. That should help you fall asleep. It should also help stay asleep. But if you don't if you wake up tomorrow night and you can't stay awake. It's it's kind of counterintuitive. You're actually supposed to get out of bed. You're not supposed to stay in bed and watch the clock tick away one two three four. You supposed to get out of bed. Not hop on a screen but rather Just engage in any activity. That's going to start to distract your brain. That's gonna actually help you Return the bed. A quickly fullback of sleeping like reading something soothing Response well we're an of course. Ah very weird time these days. We've just been in the midst of the pandemic. We seem to be coming out of it and yet stress doesn't seem to be going away. Have you seen in the last well since the start of cova have you seen a huge increase in interest in dealing with these issues. Do sink It could be a. I think a bit rocky in the coming months. It's not so clear what's going to happen next. Are you seeing that in your client base yet. We we definitely. Are you know. We have we've to really interesting client basis. I guess you call them. One is direct to consumer offering as we said were over one hundred million downloads of individuals world. And then we have our pcp offering compr- business offering in which we bring in com- benefit out really to bring it in as a means of prevention To help The majority of employees builds code mechanisms and over fifteen sixteen hundred companies on that side in what we have seen as a couple of interesting things one is as people entered the pandemic all of us not surprising stressing zaidi peaks and it was a huge huge rush to Experiences like calm to be able to start to support individuals. The second thing is that Stress peak. Whenever you're taking out of your you know that that's very common in all of our lives and so disrupt your life you're going to be stressed and so as people now are quote unquote returning to the office returning to normal Quote you again are seeing those peaks. Because you've got to routine now. I think part of that from and this is just my opinion is that we're putting a lot of pressure as a society right now on returning to normal on getting back to way we were i actually when i speak to companies and i speak to a lot of fortune. Five hundred companies to their employees. I actually like the freemen is. Let's return the better. It actually creates a frame. That's less stressful. Because you don't have to be something you're not comfortable with and to be honest with you. None of us are going to return to exactly the we were and we had so many great learnings from his last year yes it was challenging for all of us but many of us almost all of us learn better ways of communicating better ways of stay in touch had built boundaries. Were working from home. How to preserve work life balance right how to actually engage new activities. that really fulfilled and so.

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