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You want to hear funds that about Obama? Oh, it's here. Yeah. Dollar 85 scholarship players on Alabama's roster this year 75 or bullet ships. Yeah. Which is four or five star right entire roster that weren't for star prospects are better. She's So, Yeah, when you think, Dwight my surprise that the greatest coach in the history of our generation with the most talented roster in college football beat the crap out of Miami. No, I'm not. I'm not saying that You're wrong for thinking that it's very like, Listen, man. I'm the idiot that is picking Georgia to win it all is here. And it's like it might turn into the Alabama Georgia show in Alabama. I just picked there but again and I might look like an idiot. So like doubting Alabama is just a really tough thing to do. And like, I like the idea of Hey, you know, it might take some time for them to find their focal point or there to find their groove but with a five star quarterback and talent all over the field and Wizard of head coach Like I would not want to be on the other side of that bet. So let's just double down that I'm su pity because you know, not that I was down in Alabama to win, but you know what? You're right. I have my own questions. And obviously I was very wrong in thinking that we could keep this game close and Alabama offense gift to a slow start. So let's go. Another doubt that I had about Alabama for me. You picked Georgia be your national champion. I picked Oklahoma. I really thought this is kind of your Alex Grinches defense kind of can really take a step and legitimately compete. With some of the best teams and actually just not be a total dumpster front we've seen, especially in the playoff. Anytime they play Clemson or Alabama. It's been ugly as we know Am I I might dump should be concerned after one week or two and put up 35 points that maybe Oklahoma's defenses Nowhere near as good as maybe I was trying to give him credit for entering the year. Well, I mean, that's a pretty regular thought. I think a lot of people felt like our Oklahoma's. Defensive line is going to be much improved and that you know Grinch is going to happen turned around and you know it's a season opener. It's week one. I know that in college football is easy to overreact and make assumptions about things. I do it, you do it. That's what we do. Um, but you know, it's going to be a tall passed to go over and completely make a new defense. That can compete with Alabama at the highest possible level at the end of the year. And when you put, uh You know that into the perspective, It's just It's just tough, So I think that it's possible that You know, they'll be much better, but in order to go from the team that gave up 70 something points or whatever it was yeah, a few years ago to actually beating Ohio State, Alabama or Georgia and the playoff flights on my final I think that there are much improved team and then they're going to make the playoffs, but I don't think their national championship contender so where'd you put them? In terms of? I guess some of the best in the card you put him above Ohio State, which for above Clemson or his Oklahoma, still kind of What you're saying. I just picked another playoff, but maybe still fifth out of the top five teams in the country in your minds. Yes, that's where I put them about five. Okay, Um, you know, really, really good, but not quite as good as the best players in college couple. Our best teams. All right, and we'll finish up with this. We're talking to our watchman of the athletic Jack Cohen. I mean, I did not really see kind of his explosion offense coming. Therefore touchdowns really let it up against Florida State. Their offense was impressive. Notre Dame's rose their defense expression. The second half was very leak. It is leaky as well. For Notre Dame. You come away more impressed with with how Jack Cohen kind of stepped in and led the offense or More concerned this defense on a new defence quarter, Micros Freeman as still as a long way to go. I saw somebody tweets this earlier today, and I thought it was funny and Tweet said it looks like Jack Cohen had a Wisconsin problems that Wisconsin had a Jack Cone problem. Like I thought he stunk coming into the year and I watched the game last night with some friends and I was pretty impressed. So you know, I don't know that Notre Dame. In my opinion, they saw what they lost last year and The fact that he and book was a pretty proficient quarterback is somebody that I would view as a legitimate national championship contender. And even if they return to most of the talent from a year ago, I still don't know that I would view it that way. Um But you know, there's still a really good, very good team. I think Brian Kelly has gotten quite a bit out of the roster that he has, and I just think that they need to recruit a lot better if they're going to be there, kind of in that same no man's land with Oklahoma and some of those other teams when Another good in comparison to 90% of college football, but not good enough to beat the back of the past. Well when you're going against an Alabama team that has 75 of the 85, 4 star players and on scholarships, four stars above tough to really close. That Gap for show are in Washington National College football reporter for the athletic at Ari Washington on Twitter. Ari. Appreciate the time Man. Enjoy the one last game. The desert if you will All Miss Louisville Tonight, closed that week number one college football. Appreciate the time..

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