Nascar, Twitter, Kerr discussed on Sean Hannity


San Francisco Oakland San Jose cumulus station a man growing crash at the finish on only a Francis a group of more than two thousand former justice department officials all bi partisan is demanding Attorney General William Barr resigned after his handling of the case involving trump adviser Roger stone but Constantini report he's returned to Washington amid the controversy Attorney General William Barr was trying to quell amped up by former justice department officials in a public statement calling on bar to resign last week bars interview with ABC news included a call for the president to stop tweeting about pending cases most notably Mr trump declaring Roger stone facing seven to nine years in prison was an injustice but he cannot allow on fox news Sunday adviser Kelly and Conway arguing the president wasn't trying to influence the Attorney General regarding stone you see how the present ways in the present ways into the whole world can have a conversation with bill bar about the register and he's had a conversation with the whole world Constantini the White House with a three hundred American cruise ship passengers including fourteen who tested positive for coronavirus remain quarantined after arriving from Japan on charter flights Monday also tested positive have been moved to a medical facility in Omaha Nebraska crash near the conclusion of the Daytona five hundred is left one driver hospitalised more from bill Michael Ryan new been leading the final lap of NASCAR's Daytona five hundred was involved in a fiery crash it's always Kerr spending go airborne flipping several times fox television commentator said Newman was removed and taken directly to a local hospital in a statement released on Twitter NASCAR says Ryan Newman is being treated at Halifax Medical Center the statement goes on to say he's.

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