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Where's the dark lord in all of this you know where because for me it's and i'm just reading i listen i don't read every single one of trump's tweets but the last few days have been very interesting i think the emperor powell team uses a lot of ellipses so the the banning of trans people in the military tons of a ellipse sees this announcement tons of ellipse e r dot john doesn't really use a lotta dutta dots joe line being ban dark lord is behind these tweets they sound different boat see your theory us the riches that uh in in star wars through force of light darkness and they're smart people on both sides iota the set lord's cetera in this case there is no guy behind the curtain it's just the save orange buffoon he's a glut like you the curtain have what was going on i was in the middle of tweeting aden so there's no plan here is though they s because if it was steve bannon uh moute chase the bad and we know coups wages yeah because merchant just told rai eliza accident we on the record that i'm not like steve bannon who likes to suck his own however i eight eight and however if you watched the prequels emperor team can suck is on peace latvia's hours votes and look for you and only one is okay so but i was also going to use a star wars analogy here because uh.

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