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I appreciate your thoughts. Deb. You care to add in response to a Bruce in Akron. It's just great to hear a caller call in and backup everything that I say because it is the hard part for someone who's never been anywhere. Like that to understand. And here you have Bruce who is just, you know, you're just j just a matter of fact about the whole thing. What? It's just the way it is now except it's accepted come on. And check it out practicality issues arise, certainly where do you? Put your keys in your wallet. In the hotel room. Just like when you go to the pool, you would put a fanny pack. Good. You you probably wouldn't. Okay. All right, people do just walk around with the fanny pitcher. Yeah. Okay. What's it? Like meeting strangers. Let's say you're you're walking around your attitude his camp. And then everybody else's is nude. And you're seeing all kinds of folks you've never seen before. And and most social gatherings. Of course. We would say Hello. My name is Jim, blah, blah, blah. We do little little small time. Chitchat? I would think there would be somewhat distracting, especially in terms of shall we say maintaining eye contact. How does one get over? What is inherently an awkward situation of meeting new people with what for most of us would be an additional burden of awkwardness? You would think it is. I mean, you would you would you would think from the outside that that's what's going to happen. It just really doesn't that way. You don't really react any differently than you would if girl walked up to you with a real Trini bikini. You look you go, and then you look away. You don't spend the rest of the day staring at her following around more than likely. I would I would hope champion. I sure I would. Although that raises another question, obviously, I'm sure that there are people who perhaps, shall we say don't get into the full spirit of appropriate nudity. And who in fact might develop a sudden obsessions like that? My assumption is that any nudist resort would have to have a certain rules, and that they would have to enforce them. Absolutely. And we do. You know, first thing when you come in you get to you get a little list of the rules and said what the expectations should agree to. Copy of your driver's licenses taken. If someone is number one is someone is there for for the wrong reason, it becomes pretty evident pretty quickly and the staff is generally trained to pick up on those types of questions enquiries concerns that those type of people always have because they have to kind of get the lay the land before they can do whatever it is in their mind. They're going to do the security staff and for some time. Good. Good. Not naked. But plain-clothes sure exactly are there to keep an eye out for that sort of behaviour. There's other places down the road in Tampa that you can go to that. They're called strip joints. So go there, exactly. And that we might as well make the distinction right now, we've been playing scripture music as returns because I think is appropriate in the context of what some people may be an -ticipant eating or or thinking is real that music is not meant to portray what actually takes place at. So why don't you? If you would show the difference between let's say a strip club atmosphere and a nudist resort atmosphere. Strip club atmosphere has new topless. Almost completely new in some fashion girls walking around trying to make tips from men. Doing sexual gyrations and dances. District clothing option resort is a nightclub that you take your wife to eating out of cocktails dinner and dancing. You just had less on or not. You can tell me what something really up to you. I like to look. Yeah. Go ahead. Women like to look beautiful. So you know, they may wear a dress. But it wouldn't be your typical Giresse might be sheer dress. Or might just be a rap or it might be beautiful teabags, and therefore necklaces and gorgeous hat. You know, it occurs to me that you could very easily..

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