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Counsel report on Russian election meddling will be revealed, the congress and the public attorney general William buyer is expected to release a summary of key finding sometime today. Liberty counsel's Matt Stabers says the report fell far short of its stated purpose. It was as we look back obviously politically motivated and was a huge waste of time. Because the original goal never was a cheat. Because there is nothing there to really investigate democratic lawmakers are renewing their calls for getting the entire report as well as evidence gathered by investigators US-backed forces have declared military victory over ISIS in Syria. It took months of fierce fighting the Syrian democratic forces raised their yellow banner over the village of goose Saturday liberating the last pocket of territory held by his logic state militants. Wendy Robinson at the RAND Corporation says the F across the battle in a deliberate manner, all of these civilians coming out of hiding and out of these tunnels. There's been a real effort to avoid civilian casualties. Get many of those civilians continue to evolve commitment to the Islamic state groups costs. I'm Ben Thomas. Residents of Australia's north west coast bracing for a tour at night, a fierce winds and heavy rain as the country's second major cyclone of the weekend. Slowly wind store Land Day after cyclone Trevor hitter remote part of the northern territory coast, slow moving cyclone, Veronica settled just off the coast about thousand miles to the west of the Pilbara region. Sixty one percent of Americans say, safety, churches, synagogues mosques and other places of worship has worsened over the past two deck. Cades this according to a new AP NRC center for public affairs research poll. More on these stories at townhall dot com. Here's the great selling point of relief factor. Well, actually, the greatest selling point is that it works for the great majority of people who use it. But the big selling factor is really this. You can get all the pain relief benefits of relieffactor without the negative side effects of ibuprofen. Couple of years ago with great display attic pain, I would take. Ibuprofen a lot and it helped, but the side effects were so awful after awhile that I I just had to discontinue use. But that's not the problem with relief factor. So that's huge..

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