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And it knew this morning we're just now learning that congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is officially out she is ending her presidential campaign this morning leaving just Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in the race for the democratic presidential nomination again congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is officially out of the twenty twenty presidential race it's a different game for soup kitchens these days here's to WBZ's Carl Stevens he's in letting the executive director of my brother's table di enclosure hills has been putting in some long hours lately partly because they have expanded their hours because of the virus usually were open for forty five minutes for lunch in an hour and forty five minutes for dinner but now we're staying open for six hours and the ideas that people won't have to wait in line to be crowded together instead of sitting down at a meal volunteers and staff bag innumerable meals to go anybody who needs food gets it no questions asked for a hospitality based charity which means anybody can come for any reason and that's always been the case finding volunteers to make this happen is a challenge because volunteers usually come from schools and churches right now nobody's in those schools or churches from Lynn Carl Stevens WBZ Boston news radio beer and wine to go these days apparently has become a thing in several states as the corona viruses making many restaurants where to take out on the fly WBZ's Jeff brown tells us the movies on from Massachusetts to do the same senator Dianne does oddly is worried for restaurants in her Essex County district really fearful that we won't be able to reopen once this band has been let's get so she is supporting a plan that would allow customers to bring home some alcohol with their take out food every single chamber of commerce in my district wide after about after about fifteen minutes exactly they all call we signed a joint letter letter hit governor Baker's desk as well as several other top lawmakers on Beacon Hill for senator does oddly and those businesses this is life or death every single day revenue in order to make it tomorrow so this is something that we need to give yesterday to Hampshire the latest to raise the bar so to speak approving alcohol to go just this week Jeff brown WBZ Boston news radio New York governor Andrew Cuomo this morning he confirms the U. S. has now surpassed ten thousand coronavirus cases I am going to increase the density control today no more than twenty five percent of people can be in the work force yesterday it was fifty percent we're reducing it again except the essential services that we spoke about yesterday that means seventy five percent of the work force most stay at home and work from home again voluntarily I'm asking all businesses to our people work from home as a mandate seventy five percent of your employee base must work from home again that's New York governor Andrew Cuomo it's eleven oh eight by the way we are standing by for an update from the White House on the corona virus make sure you keep it right here on WBZ newsradio ten thirty in Boston we'll bring you live to the White House with a covert nineteen update gets under way and you could also pull us up anytime and stay connected with us on your smart speaker just say Alexa play WBZ newsradio on I heart radio over now Tracy junkie at Wall Street in Tracy these numbers are feeling like a major roll coaster ride you have to now well streets not explained rally is fading and that's not much of a surprise since no one seems to know where it came from in the first place the Dow was down a hundred three points the S. and P. is down seven nasdaq still higher by ninety four points BJ's wholesale is seen benefiting from the coronavirus shopping rush because it can serve customers online and offline and bank of America says just a small percentage of the.

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