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The states next. Us senator if he's the governor so what's your strategy for the next month. You got forty six candidates forty seven if you count the governor himself. You've got crazy ballot. How do you even begin to cover it. you know. i think. I've put for the next month really. The top thing is getting information about how to vote. I think that is absolutely paramount It's important for us in a normal election year but certainly in a year like this when there is so much confusion about how this ballot works. I mean you know we were getting calls from people saying they wrote in gavin newsom as the second choice or they're doing all types of things with their ballot that is not actually per the rules. So i think the real my real focus at least for the next month will just be trying to get out information about how to navigate. This recall process which might seem simple. It's two questions but it's a really novel ballot for a lot of california voters and a really unique election guy marzorati. Thank you so much for joining me. My pleasure guy. Marzorati is reporter and a producer for kiki. Dee's california politics and government desk. And that's the show. What next is produced by schwartz. Carmel shad davis land. Mary wilson and daniel hewitt we get a little help each and every day from allison benedict unleashing montgomery and mary harris. You can go. Track me down on twitter at mary's desk or i will catch you back on his feet tomorrow..

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