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I'm a i'm a grown caskey franco's i think he's so good of football his sixty nine stuffers absurd is just like a biggest meet at in history say he's like billy madison you very billy madison asked that guy he so good football but i don't i didn't think that billy madison would do that to a guy like i didn't think rob drunk housekeeper woods who that so a guy that was very angry cheap that was a cheap shot he chairs cheap shot though it guys let alone hitting guy from behind hitting a guy from behind who's on the ground like laying down that's a wild move awhile it's how about the case case give them definitely sort assault you can't be like of below 500 quarterback your entire career in an so you're saying is the devil went down georgia yes he was looking for so to steal the he was in a bind he was way behind he was looking to make a deal so what you're saying that a scheme he said hammani now i like to play the ball and devastates said sit on down son them teach you how to make the call imagine if that is what happened because he is parking lights out and he's one of the most basic locomotive operas on earth he looks like he could be like related to me like hundreds are basic dude who's out there rush entirely bridgewater the big dictators just waiting but remember those uses you ever see the picture now rilya hammer time yeah taiji see you had of see that yeah hung like a move moves from the fucking behind the window hung like a moves from the window backer.

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