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This is our last episode of rush. Limbaugh the man behind the golden the ib microphone. We've heard from a lot of people. But i wanted you ladies and gentlemen to hear from the two men that helped me produced this podcast series. Phil tower chris. Kelly a welcome to your podcast with me. Hello james what chris. Let's start with you. What have you learned. You came into this. As i understand the correct me. If i'm wrong you came into this. Not so much political guy. Tell me what you've learned from this series. Listen i'm i am. I'm a radio guy right so having been around radio for a long time and having worked for radio stations that were rush limbaugh affiliates for a long time Obviously you know you. You revere somebody of his stature And his success level politically speaking. No i'm not overly interested in a lot of politics in general right But i am interested in somebody that knows how to communicate and somebody who does it at the level that he did it for so long and i gotta tell you only the stories that i've been privy to behind the scenes is we've recorded this thing. If kind of blown me away. He reminds me a lot of guy that i used to work for for a long time. and hearing hearing people like brian say he was like another father to me or earing just your emotion in talking about them and getting the chance to know some of these other people that have interacted with an and been part of russia's life for so long has been really really special and i'm really really proud to have been part of this project. This podcast has been about you know at the end of the day no matter what you watch on. Tv no matter what you listen to on the radio no matter what you read online. There's another human being on the other end of that content and what. I have been really interested in over the course this series and i hope others have paid to is laying down all political ideology and laying down all what you read in the newspaper or online. Or whatever is that there's this guy and there was so many more layers to him than you ever really got to hear on the radio or that anybody ever really knew that to me is the whole purpose of why we've been doing this podcast. It's been absolute pleasure to Produce this end. Especially i have to say james to get to know you and work with you You are a pros pro. And i know just in reading some of the comments from People that have left reviews on the podcast and Just getting feedback from people in in my own orbit the level at which people speak of you They couldn't be couldn't be more right. You are a truly a gentleman professional and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I'm blushing and that's hard to see by the way thank you. Thank you so much chris. Kelly or other producer. Phil tower phil. I'm going to ask you the same question while in a in a different kind of way. What have you learned from from from producing this podcast series about the life of rush. Limbaugh the guy behind the golden. Eib microphone. Well i'm gonna give you a quick simple answer and that is have a dream. Never give up on. It rush decided. That radio was his calling he. We knew that as a young kid he hated going to school and that was his vision. He was fired from his first seven and in the end he was successful because he had a dream he had a vision and he kept to it and along the way met some great people and he stayed humble and grateful until the end. And what a great american success story that is james and you were. You had an inside c. To the whole thing so i mean what an incredible honor In the end he was just a guy who loved what he did. And we've heard that from our parents and mentors along the way you gotta love what you do in life and rush loved radio and he loved his show. He'd love being with his audience. He was there until the end. And i need to make chris and you blush because chris when i received a call from craig. Kitchen the godfather of this whole project. If you will. I told him. I said we need a masterful audio guy and introduced chris. Kelly my co producer. Who makes his podcasts. Sing james and you know that the way the music is mixed everything together and you james a storyteller who gave each of us chills as we heard some of these stories. Gosh gosh well. I'm going to say that. I've been in radio all my life almost as i look back on now almost all of my life. I've been in his radio business. Of course we're working with rush. Limbaugh was not an amazing blessing. It was a a chance of a lifetime that has made my life and working with both you fell and you. Chris has been such a delight. You rush to say you know. The job of callers was to make make the house look good not to suck up or anything but but to bring out the best and working with two people who are the very best at what they do makes you up your game. And that's what both of you have done for me. You've made this a pleasure. You've made this a remarkable experience on. Never forget and i cannot thank you enough for the hard work in energy you put in people that are not in this business. Don't understand the time that it takes just to produce one episode and you guys have now. Both of you have spent so many hours going through this. Podcast with me and going through rush. Limbaugh's life with me and the way that you produce this. We hope brings all of us. Hope those that listen to rush those that new rush and those that didn't know rush will find an appreciation for what an incredible man he was based on the production skills that you guys brought to the table. I just can't thank you so just this week. In one of the previous episodes i mentioned the dream that i had of hour trying to figure it out to just this week. I had another dream As we sit here with the final episode of rush limbaugh the man behind the golden the ib microphone and in this dream dawn. Brian and i were sitting in the control in rush. Was doing the show. And let me tell you. This was so vivid. It was such a vivid dream that at some point i looked dawn and said how is this possible. How will we hear. Listen to rush in the studio with us. This has to be a dream. And then i woke up. Well my life with rush was kind of like a dream. It happened also widely. Now when i look back on it when you look back over three decades of your life and and you've spent three decades with someone who's had an amazing impact on your life. What can you say. It's hard to believe that we're at a stage now. Went where we're talking about in the past tense. But here's the thing. Rush will never be past tense for three decades. He connected with millions of people. He didn't just connect with their brains with ideas. He connected with their hearts. He connected with people in a way that no other media personality in our history has connected with people and that is evidenced by the stories that people tell among themselves some of the stories that you'll see in some of the reviews of this podcast and and if you're fortunate enough to read in some of the emails or other communications at people send with each other rush impacted people in a way that most broadcasters could only dream of he loved what he did he loved his country he loved his.

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