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I i did one mahbubug does john youngblood caused bin now you out of luck that what caused doubt then started listening i joke my roberto and found some human folk then i recall it at all older noises while we spoke i naybet's add buck stunning i bob i want you to join it is that's the fat hey how you doing listeners adam buxton here guess where i am no wrong as if come on i wouldn't go there if you paid me while i might go there you pay me but i'm not i'm in norfolk surprise it's in east and ula uk and i'm walking in a field really mixing things up this week out with my best dog friend truth be told probably my only doak friend rosy she's up ahead investigating possibilities for socializing with 'undesirables after which she will probably zip off for about forty five minutes and not respond to my kohl's and then turn up later on at the house acting weirdly running around rolling on the floor and um jumping on the table and jumping off again as if she's been taking crank with the rabits which may well be what she gets up to all she's just stung her polls on some nettles in his regretting it but that's rosy everything else is more or less back to normal hair i guess relatively speaking after last week's crazy snow fun rather a great day to day another one anyway listen i know you love where the chat but let me tell you about port costs number sixty seven.

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