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The race leader sticks his car to the bottom laid returns three and four now here he is through the front stretch across the stripe swelled laps to go back to turn one and ryan newman on the horizon for chase elliott elliott's going to try to put him up lap arrears met the benedetto there as well and then you get up to the car of david reagan elliott what have some decisions debate as three latte cars directly in front of it and we have a levin laps to go chase elliott bringing the chevrolet off turned number four not pat part backed the toyota of kyle busch along waste back is jimmy johnson so will focus on one two chase elliott in kyle busch i will go to the high side of the racetrack this time through the corner walk chase elliott dow's up the lowly pow just trying to keep that wild up that toyota camry wild fight for the top of the corner onto the straight away and it'll the separation put it at about seven carling says traffic is still a factor for chase kyle busch asked to go wyde clears the floor karamat deep benedetto chase elliott now is working his way down along the inside lane them turn to he will die of the inside of david reagan put him a lap in arrears kyle busch will do the same and now ryan newman is directly ahead of the race leader's eight worst back to the making of turn three when they are not in traffic kyle busch can be as much as two miles an hour quicker than the race leader in traffic obviously it's about neutral chase elliott it's down to a half a second between chastened tile elliott to the bottom of the racetrack years kyle aghanis thing the corner meeting hill weren't hill dive in straight go all the way to the top of the banking and in the middle thrive straight out the corner and onto the straight away try to get as much speed that toyota camry is basel and it's mike is described kyle busch much higher in the banking at both into the tract and race leader chase elliott back across the.

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